Saturday, November 1, 2008

America’s Chance

America's Chance

We should export or at least not vote into office our politicians who support socialism, communism, and fascism, anything but good old capitalism.

Why, very simple, look at history. What fascist, socialist or communist country has survived for any length of time without aid from another country? Or total subjugation of its people except the ruling class?

I don't see any of those who praise these other forms of government moving to those countries, if that form of government was such a good way to live why don't they immigrate?

If living under those forms of government is so good and fair why are the majority of the immigrants that come to this country (legal or otherwise) from countries with those forms of government? Is it because they want a better life? Is it because they want what use to be the American dream, the ability to have your own business? The ability to have a better life style then one that is degreed by the government? The ability to give their children a better education and the chance to make a good life for themselves and their families when they have them?

Do the people who support these politicians actually think that these same politicians would live under the same financial constraints, the same living conditions, have the same health care as the general population? If they do they are wrong. Look at any of those countries, they have 2 distinct classes those that rule and those that serve. Our politicians who support these forms of government for the US are already in the ruling class, they can retire after 1 term with pay and health benefits for the rest of their lives for them and their families. We taxpayers (those who serve) are lucky if we can retire. They have staffs and offices, everything the aristocracy and monarchy we broke with in 1776 had and everything the ruling class in socialist, communist, and fascist countries have.

The way that the capitalism that formed the American dream has been warped by the unbridled greed of more than a few CEOs, boards and stock traders along with multinational corporations cannot nor should it be denied. However when you have a large plumbing leak in your house you don't tear your house down, you repair the problem. That's what America needs to do. Repair the problem. Prevent companies from getting so large that they destroy competition, do not let greed and illegal activities be rewarded by golden parachutes. If CEOs or board members have been proven to have broken the laws take their money and assets the same thing the government does to drug dealers. There are many ways to fix what is broken without destroying the house.

I feel that we do need to change a few things to prevent what just happened from happening again soon, and yes it will happen again history does repeat itself.

However turning the greatest country history has ever known into a 3rd world country is not an option I feel we should exercise.

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