Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We are now having to deal with the fact that our government has given away alot of American jobs. Please no rants about the last administration it started well before them. Our government seems to put the needs of foreign countries and their citizens before Americans, this needs to change. Another issue facing us is job snobbery (for want of a better term). TV, the media, films all make fun or look down on people who work with their hands. Because of this we (America) are running out of skilled and unskilled craftsman, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and the like. Face it, not everyone is college or higher education material, also many who are may not want to go there but because of family and peer pressure they do. What does this have to do with the situation? Simple if we do not start encouraging people to enter these jobs by 1) removing the loser or low class stigma that goes with them, 2) raising the pay in some cases so they are attractive, this country is going to grind to a halt. How many of you can replace your own faucet or toilet, clean your furnace, change the oil in your car or the spark plugs to name a few? Who's going to do it for you if we keep knocking those professions and no one enters them. Americans seem to have little or no problem paying hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to people who do nothing more then gamble with the economy and other people's money,they look up to them also. Yet the people who keep us warm, dry, keep our vehicles moving and all the things that actually keep our society moving are scorned and looked down on and in many case not even paid decently. But don't worry our government is making sure this doesn't happen in other countries only here. We need to take a new look at what jobs we have and what jobs we can create then move forward putting America and Americans first.

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