Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gov. I luv Taxes Malloy

Governor (I luv taxes) Malloy is attempting to put another nail in the coffin of the American Dream with his plan of eliminating the motor vehicle tax collected by towns and cities.  While I detest paying taxes as much as anyone this tax was one of the last bastions of the American Dream in that it was collected and spent by the town, it was not thrown in to the general fund to provide for the vast black hole of state programs. 

The American Dream was to better yourself and your family and for a period during our countries history you were able to do this.  During that time people in smaller towns interpreted this to mean they could better their lives in their town by having a tax rate that allowed them to have better schools, police and other municipal services then in cities.  This attracted others to the smaller towns for the better and more personalized services they would get and yes their taxes may have been higher than if they stayed in the cities but they were following the American Dream and making a better life for themselves and their families and if it cost them more they accepted it. 

Fast forward to now.  Cities can no longer support themselves if they ever could.  Democratic politicians have enslaved generations of city dwellers to vote for them by fostering the belief that they are “entitled” to the same quality of municipal services that smaller towns have without having to be taxed at the rate needed for those services.  They did this by taxing the working people no matter where they live to pay for these erroneous entitlements.  Still cities are broke and it is getting worse so Gov. I luv taxes Malloy is trying to do an end around to get more money to pour down the black whole, because make no mistake if this passes you will still pay taxes on your motor vehicle because you will no longer have that deduction to take on your income taxes so you will pay you just won’t have a say in where the money is spent that you would have if it was left in your town.

Tell Gov I luv taxes Malloy that you LUV the American Dream call your state reps and tell them to vote against this and for the American Dream.