Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mass Transit

The Malloy regime which is intent on bankrupting working class taxpayers and driving more people and businesses out of the state have come up with yet another method. Besides putting tolls on roads they want to use GPS devices to charge you for the miles you drive. That is way to government intrusive into the private lives and habits of American Citizens and I hope the ACLU looks into that. However I have some questions and suggestions.
How much money is collected by the gasoline and diesel state fuel taxes and sales taxes, the road use taxes paid by commercial vehicles, the fees collected by DMV for all their regulations, taxes and fees on cabs and limousine services, all the advertising on the sides of state buses, motor vehicle taxes paid to the cities and towns and I'm sure I missed a few revenue sources and where is it spent?

First question how many hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are spent supporting illegals and sanctuary cities? All that money could go to transportation.

Now the big question, how many billions of dollars are spent subsidizing mass transit? Busway ways to nowhere, and just bus and train service? Before any increase in taxes, tolls or potentially illegal monitoring of American Citizens and charging them for that is even considered all mass transit should be self supporting without any taxpayer subsidies. I am not talking about making a profit I am just stating that it should break even. If it doesn't increase the riders charges, cut personnel, cut pay, study the routes if the route isn't paying for itself drop it. Having buses driving around without paying for itself is a waste of taxpayers money, and the same goes for trains. Treat it like a private business.

The problem in CT is the government run by the Democrats considers the taxpayers and businesses nothing more then their ATM. They never consider cutting anything, if businesses operated like this they wouldn't be in business. It is time the government starts being run like a business. I wish Trump was running for Governor.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Amendment

When I was going to Jr. and Sr. High School we were educated about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and how important they are to our Country, America and our Freedoms. One Right and a teacher's comment on it has stayed with me all these years, it was about the First Amendment. The teacher said “no matter how abhorrent what you are saying is to me, I will defend to the death your Right to say it, because if the government tells you you can not say that, what will they tell me I can't say?” I don't know if they were quoting someone else or it was their own quote but it stayed with me. I have stood up for this many times when I have disagreed with someone, I defended their Right to say it and never censored them.

Now I find it, interesting, upsetting and disgusting all at the same time when I look at the people ignoring, violating or out right attempting to destroy the Constitution and using the First Amendment to do so.
The First Amendment, protecting the the Rights of Religions of Free Speech, Free Press and the Right of the People to peaceably assemble to petition the government.... is the very reason women, blacks, gays and other minorities have equal rights under law today. Yet these very same people and groups who owe their Rights to the First Amendment are attempting to remove the First Amendment Right from all those who disagree with them.
Some may argue that these Rights are in word only and not practiced everywhere in the spirit they were written. Others may say these Rights should have been theirs from the beginning. The fact is these Rights now exist, and it was people exercising their First Amendment Right that made that possible. To me it shows a lack of integrity, of decency, and courage of those individuals and groups to attempt to remove the very Right that aided them from potentially aiding others. They should be the champions of the First Amendment and leaders in Freedom.