Thursday, October 30, 2008

America will need foreign aid

Well if Obama and the rest of the lets take money from the hardworking people of America and give to lazy I'm to good to work bums, the ones who don't finish school, don't make their kids even go to school or have another baby just because they want more money group (Not people with actual disabilities) . Actually win and take power they are going to bankrupt this country. Who is going to want to invest their time and money to start a business so they can pay people thru taxes who don't even work. The American dream was to be able to build a good future for yourself not work your self to death for others. And if this form of redistributing the wealth works so well in other countries why are they all dependent on US foreign aid to keep going? If we do go to this form of government what country is going to give us foreign aid to keep us going? And at what income or housing level would people be better off not working and still live as good as they did. I my mind you have to earn what you get and deserve and if I want to help someone it's my choice, it is not the government's right to take my money to give to someone else.

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