Wednesday, December 9, 2015

CT needs to be run like a private company

Well it appears our elected public servants have found only $350 million dollars to cut out of a $20 billion dollar budget and feel this is the best they can do.
Well I as one of their employers don't agree and have another idea. I think it is time we bring in a business efficiency company to evaluate the all the state agencies and departments. I suggest asking GE, Aetna, and UTC who they would suggest as the best efficiency expert company in the private sector that has no connection to any government employee or appointee. Perhaps one or all three of these companies have in house efficiency experts that they would “loan” to the state. It is my belief the government is top heavy with too many political appointees along with directors, managers, assistants and assistants to assistants and so on, and these experts would pick up on that quickly. This group of efficiency experts would not operate in secrecy all their meetings and reports be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly would be open to the public and provided complete to the media and to the citizens of the state via the internet with no censoring, CT is not DHS, or any agency that would require that for national security. I think that once the final report is in and acted on not only will we have a balanced budget but probably lower taxes. It is time the state is run like a business and our elected public servants are given guidance via the experts on how to do so and held responsible to insure it is.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Living wage

A great deal of hostility is directed at employers for not paying a “living” wage. Is it directed at the correct people? The purpose of a business is to make a profit, to this end they watch what they pay employees, supplies etc., skill and training required by the job plays a role. Based on this they come up with a wage. Is it livable? Yes to start with. Now we come to the part of the livable wage discussion no elected public servant wants to discuss, how much money from this “livable” wage does the government take? Taxes are required to pay for certain things in society, police, fire, education, roads, libraries and should include some limited additional social services. However elected public servants public unions along with illegals and those who abuse and make welfare a career choice treat the private sector workers pay checks as ATMs. Why should public employees get pensions, be paid for lunch, better health care then private sector? Why should people be able to stay on welfare forever? Why should illegals get anything more then a ticket home? In CT alone by the Democrats own pie chart grants and non-functional services account for 40% of the state taxes taken out of a paycheck that is 5 billion dollars a year and no accountability. The feds are worse with retirement from elected public servant positions and trillions to foreign countries and illegals yet they ignore Vets and American Citizens who need help. Businesses have to pay these taxes and make a profit as well so the cost of their goods and services goes up cutting into the “Livable wage”. We should ask the elected public servants why the taxes are so high that people can't live on their paychecks.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tax Religions

The 1st Amendment "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" It does not say they cannot be taxed, "free exercise thereof" means the religion can be practiced without government interference. I think and have for a long time all religions should be taxed the same as businesses or a political lobbyist and register as such, because they make a profit, and more important they tell their followers how to vote, thus pushing religious law and doctrine on Americans.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

CT secret budget

The CT budget one day in the black, the next in the red. Master illusionist David Copperfield couldn't do a better job keeping the truth from the taxpayers.
We have 3 billion taxpayers dollars worth of “Grants” in the FY-16. What are “Grants” we see them called all different things, Federal, State Economical development office and many more, but what they truly are is “Taxpayers” dollars used to fund projects that the taxpayers wouldn't want done. They also pay off political favors. Politicians,cities unions vote the way the ruling party wants them to and amazing they get this “State” grant that saves their taxpayers money or puts their members to work. 3 billion dollars! That is approximately 16% of the budget. $160 dollars of every $1000 taken from taxpayers. I don't know about you but I'd rather have that $160 per $1000 in my pocket to spend the way I want.
Also in the budget there is a category called on the pie chart “Non-Functional” and that is for 24% of the budget or about 5 billion dollars $240 out of every $1000 taken from taxpayers. I could not find out whether the “Grant” money was included, I could not find any definition so I would think the “grant” money is not included. I find it very disturbing that what is done with 8 billion taxpayers dollars 40% the state budget is hidden from the taxpayers. We the People are the employers of the elected public servants and the civil servants, they are answerable to us and not the other way around. I think it is time before any cuts to services, tax increases, or bonding that the books are completely opened and we the citizen taxpayers of CT have the final say in where the money is spent and how much we can be taxed.

Figures and percentages from

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rent a friend

Here's a new business idea I just thought of;
Rent a live friend!!
Tired of only having an online friend, or a friend you only text with? Well here is your chance to have a LIVE friend who you can go for coffee with, or sit in a park and actually talk and exchange ideas with! Yes that is correct an actual face to face in person interaction with a live human being! All this can be yours for the low, low price of $35 per hour. Coffee and food extra. We provide old school bikers, veterans, animal rescue individuals, conservatives, and more! Impress your online and texting friends with pictures of you actually doing something with a live human being!! Be the first in your circle to dare deal with a human face to face!! Contact me for details.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mass Transit

The Malloy regime which is intent on bankrupting working class taxpayers and driving more people and businesses out of the state have come up with yet another method. Besides putting tolls on roads they want to use GPS devices to charge you for the miles you drive. That is way to government intrusive into the private lives and habits of American Citizens and I hope the ACLU looks into that. However I have some questions and suggestions.
How much money is collected by the gasoline and diesel state fuel taxes and sales taxes, the road use taxes paid by commercial vehicles, the fees collected by DMV for all their regulations, taxes and fees on cabs and limousine services, all the advertising on the sides of state buses, motor vehicle taxes paid to the cities and towns and I'm sure I missed a few revenue sources and where is it spent?

First question how many hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are spent supporting illegals and sanctuary cities? All that money could go to transportation.

Now the big question, how many billions of dollars are spent subsidizing mass transit? Busway ways to nowhere, and just bus and train service? Before any increase in taxes, tolls or potentially illegal monitoring of American Citizens and charging them for that is even considered all mass transit should be self supporting without any taxpayer subsidies. I am not talking about making a profit I am just stating that it should break even. If it doesn't increase the riders charges, cut personnel, cut pay, study the routes if the route isn't paying for itself drop it. Having buses driving around without paying for itself is a waste of taxpayers money, and the same goes for trains. Treat it like a private business.

The problem in CT is the government run by the Democrats considers the taxpayers and businesses nothing more then their ATM. They never consider cutting anything, if businesses operated like this they wouldn't be in business. It is time the government starts being run like a business. I wish Trump was running for Governor.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Amendment

When I was going to Jr. and Sr. High School we were educated about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and how important they are to our Country, America and our Freedoms. One Right and a teacher's comment on it has stayed with me all these years, it was about the First Amendment. The teacher said “no matter how abhorrent what you are saying is to me, I will defend to the death your Right to say it, because if the government tells you you can not say that, what will they tell me I can't say?” I don't know if they were quoting someone else or it was their own quote but it stayed with me. I have stood up for this many times when I have disagreed with someone, I defended their Right to say it and never censored them.

Now I find it, interesting, upsetting and disgusting all at the same time when I look at the people ignoring, violating or out right attempting to destroy the Constitution and using the First Amendment to do so.
The First Amendment, protecting the the Rights of Religions of Free Speech, Free Press and the Right of the People to peaceably assemble to petition the government.... is the very reason women, blacks, gays and other minorities have equal rights under law today. Yet these very same people and groups who owe their Rights to the First Amendment are attempting to remove the First Amendment Right from all those who disagree with them.
Some may argue that these Rights are in word only and not practiced everywhere in the spirit they were written. Others may say these Rights should have been theirs from the beginning. The fact is these Rights now exist, and it was people exercising their First Amendment Right that made that possible. To me it shows a lack of integrity, of decency, and courage of those individuals and groups to attempt to remove the very Right that aided them from potentially aiding others. They should be the champions of the First Amendment and leaders in Freedom.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Question.  Where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights or Amendments does it say everyone is equal?  The only place I saw something close to that  was in the Declaration of Independence  "All men are created equal".  It doesn't say they are or should be made equal.  I know there have been amendments that granted freedom, voting rights etc but I never seen anything saying that everyone is equal or should be.  Look at the disparity of pay when you consider the pay of an average worker against that of our elected public servants, and their retirement.  Same goes for sports figures and other celebrities where is that equality.  Where is the equality in gun rights in the different states?  It appears that people/media/socialists/activists pick and choose what they want people to be equal in.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Junction of American History

At this junction of American History I'll paraphrase our Forefathers "if they don't outlaw us separately they will try to outlaw us together"  It was fine to fight just for Motorcycle Rights and just for Gun Rights and Free Speech rights but now we need to band together.  If they outlaw Free Speech no one will know about Motorcycle Rights or Gun Rights.  If they outlaw guns there will be no way to defend Free Speech and Motorcycle Rights.  It is all tied together and the socialist/communists that call themselves the Democratic Party along with traitors from the Republican party are attempting to keep us fighting separate fights so we are weak and can be destroyed one right at a time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Veterans for leaders

I was born and brought up in the United States of America the greatest country in the history of the world. When did it become Federal America?
When did the states cede their rights to the Federal government? The Constitution defines clearly the rights and duties of the Federal government and that of the States.
I find nothing in the U.S. Constitution that allows the Federal Government to tell states how to educate, what they can or cannot eat along with a host of other usurpations of individual and states Rights.. I see nothing that allows them to take land from the states, nothing that allows federal law to supersede state or local law. How then has this happened? Apathy! Apathy and the lack of educating the people of their Rights under the Constitution. The government of the U.S. Is 100% made up of servants of the United States Citizens, be they civil servants who are hired the same as those in private sector to perform specific duties or those Elected Public Servants we the citizens have put into a position to enact laws that We The People want. Not laws that violate the Constitution, not laws that benefit foreign countries and companies at the expense of the US Citizen. Not laws that benefit special interest groups. These Elected Public Servants took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution” the same as every Veteran. However I see a difference in that Veterans take the Oath one step further and that is we put our lives on the line. Not so for EPS (Elected Public Servants) and based on how they ignore the Constitution it appears they only mouth the words. This needs to change. We need to put in elected office those people who have been willing to put their lives on the line for the Constitution and that is VETERANS. At the same time I want to include those people who wanted to join the military but for reasons of health or family they were not able to. By attempting to they showed the same love of America and the Constitution that we who served do.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We need a third party

Based on the new budget in CT which will drive businesses either out of the state or out of business, and insure that middle income and retired people will lose money to support a bloated state government and welfare system it is time to look at the 2 party system.
Apathy is a major problem. Most people feel that neither party addresses the issues in the way they want them addressed so they either don't bother to vote or blindly vote for the party they and their family has always voted for because of something it did generations ago. Unfortunately this does nothing to help American Taxpaying Citizens or businesses that have made America great. All it does is perpetuate the power of the 2 parties. This is absolutely wrong in that the politicians of both parties have ignored the fact that they are nothing more then “Elected Public Servants”. They are not royalty or elite Americans and based on their disregard of the Constitution and the will of American Citizens the word Honorable should not precede their names.
What is required is a viable third and even fourth party that will be responsive to the will of the people and upset the status quo of the 2 parties where one hand washes the other and the both stay dirty and ignore the people.
I see two possibilities out there, the Veterans Party of America and the Tea Party. However based on election laws put into place by the 2 controlling parties it is extremely difficult for them to get recognition on the ballot. So I strongly suggest you check out these 2 parties and decide which most represents your views and desires on how CT and America should go and vote that way, not blindly for the 2 parties bent on destroying America and Freedom.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Miracle Ride

Well I know Ali and I weren't slated to die today. On the bike one mile from the house stopped on the center line to make a left turn, two bikes go by on the right and then whap, the right mirror is spun around and the whole brake and accelerator assembly moves forward and down and hits the directional. A SUV had just hit us! The speed limit is 40 and he was doing it. I took off after him finally got in front of him and forced him to stop. Called the cops. Little 18 year old HS kid, I was yelling at him through the window, a few Fbombs you POS things like that. He looks at me and says I don't like being sworn at, I told him I didn't fnng care he was an aho and a few other things. What went through my mind was you would like it less if dragged your candy ass through that window beat you to a pulp and left you in the bushes, I didn't say it and I didn't do it. The cops showed and Ali was still riding on adrenaline and the cop had to tell her to calm down or she was going to be pinched, she calmed down. End of story he received citations for what I won't know until I get the report later this week, he couldn't even drive home his mother had to drive him he was so upset. She was happy we weren't hurt and very upset with her son. I'm taking the bike in to have the assembly looked at on her dime. I can't believe we took a hit on the bike while stopped and the other vehicle doing forty or more and not a scratch. If it was a car I wouldn't have a right arm. I guess our Higher Power has more plans for Ali and myself.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Military Honors

The expense for the “Constitution” State to bestow military honors at the funeral of a Veteran who put their life on line to defend the Constitution costs the states estimated 1.5 millions taxpayers a paltry $0.31 each. To deny this honor to Veterans over $0.31 you would have to be a scrooge, anti- Constitution and/or anti-veteran. You can decide which label fits Gov. Malloy since it is his proposal. Keep in mind since the pre-election “surplus” CT has developed a budget deficit so he now needs to cut costs. How about cutting out the so called State Grants instead? There is no such thing as a State Grant since the state only has the money it takes from taxpayers these are actually Taxpayer Grants and should be called such. From June 1 2013 to June 30 2014 Taxpayer grants to the the following four cities, Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury and Bridgeport totaled $1,174,730,957.50 costing the CT taxpayers $783.00 each. Why? Well what is a grant? To my mind it is a slush fund used by elected public officials to reward voters in areas for their support by using taxpayer money to pay for things that would not be approved by the majority of the states voters. This needs to stop. It is a warning sign of the end of a great civilization when it's citizens vote themselves the earnings of other citizens. If something is not brought before the voters to approve, they should not be taxed on it. The government should not be allowed to tax citizens just to have money to reward voters. By doing away with the Taxpayer grants to these 4 cities we could potentially have a balanced budget in 2 years and possibly a true reduction in taxes.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Brain dead elected public servants

Our elected public servants now want to hold law biding citizens who are the victim of a crime responsible for what is done with their stolen property. Specifically firearms. However based on that if money is stolen from you and used to buy drugs you are responsible. If your vehicle is stolen because you didn't secure it in a locked garage you are responsible for any accidents or crimes committed with it. Failure to secure your prescription drugs you are responsible for any deaths or crimes because your kid took them. You didn't lock up your knives forks and spoons you are responsible for anything someone does with them. You don't secure your computer someone watches porn and sexually assaults someone you are responsible. Have these elected public servants ever heard the phrase "personal responsibility?" You have committed a crime breaking into a home or business and stealing someones property why should the owner be responsible? What happens to the actual criminal. Oh I know they get accelarated rehab or short or suspended sentence so they can continue voting democratic/socialist early and often.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Part time public servants

I have a question. Why does the legislature state and federal have to meet every year? Don't we have enough laws? How many more new crimes appear every year? Or are they just slowly doing away with our Freedom?
I think being an elected public servant state or federal should be a part time job with no benefits for 5 months every 2 years. I also feel that half that time should be spent removing laws that serve no purpose except to reduce the freedom of Americans.
We have a president and governors along with more bureaucracy then we need and they can handle the 19 months without the legislature.
What it appears to me is that elected public servants are nothing more then egos in clothing and they are addicted to the power of making laws. They also addicted to be in the spotlight continually. Hence meeting yearly to feed both these addictions. We the public through our apathy and blind belief these egos in clothing have our best interests at heart and are not just taking care of themselves their families friends and most important their business partners have created a monster and the only thing we can do is vote it out. We must vote out every incumbent put in term limits remove all benefits and have them meet only for 5 months every 2 years.

Monday, March 2, 2015

No tolls in CT

The elected public servants are again talking about tolls and one article on WTNH they say CT is approved for a federal pilot program on an electronic toll system. I say No!
It is expensive to drive a vehicle, you have to pay for a license, registration, insurance is required by the state and taxed. You pay tax when you purchase the vehicle and a yearly tax on top of that not to mention one of the highest gas taxes in the country and a federal gas tax and on top of that sales tax. Don't forget emissions testing and all the repairs and parts we are taxed on. If they took all that money generated by those taxes and fees and used it strictly for the roads the roads could be heated in the winter no salt or sand needed, but no the elected public servants dump all that money into the general fund and say they have no money for road care. Yet they have money for a busway to nowhere. Well how about this idea, lets stop subsidizing mass transportation. Why should vehicle owners not only have to pay all those outrageous taxes and fees and then have higher income taxes and sales tax to subsidize mass transit? The people using it should pay for it 100%.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vote as Veterans

U.S. Veterans have been defending the Constitution since it was written, we have successfully defended it on countless battlefields across the globe. While we have been successful against foreign enemies we are close to losing to domestic adversaries. They trained us in the weapons of war but neglected to train us in the most important weapon to protect the Constitution and that is the voting booth. Politicains have no qualms about putting veterans at risk. They have quite a few qualms in giving Veterans the medical benefits they have earned. Elected Public servants (politicians) make sure they have they best benefits in the world from an “temporary” position. Illegals and welfare recipients can go to any hospital. Veterans can't. Both parties are more interested in maintaining the status quo and their cushy jobs so one hand washes the other and they both stay dirty. It's time for us to learn that “new weapon” the Voting booth. There are 21.8 million veterans if we all cover each others back as we learned to do in Basic and each get one other person to vote with us, we vote as a block for Veteran candidates/supporters we can take back America. We will equal both parties. It's time we start voting not as Black, White, Hispanic, Republican or Democrat but as Veterans. Pay attention to who is running, are they a Vet, are they honest, if they are incumbents do they support Vets and the Constitution? The only reason we have lost benefits and have to beg for help is we have forgotten to stand together as Veterans and vote as such with friends and family members who support us. We need to defend the Constitution in the voting booth the same way generations of us have on the battlefield.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Tax increase

Local and state elected public servants are gathering in various caucuses and groups to discuss how high taxes should be raised and how to get the increase past the taxpayers. My question is WHY should they be raised? Many private sector employees didn't get raises last year or small ones if that even if they received a decent raise, why should the government reduce the standard of living for taxpayers? Taxpayers have had to cut their spending just to survive, why should the government not have to do the same. Let's look at this idea to cut spending, if the expenditure does not benefit or is not used by 25% of the taxpayers in the town, city or state where it is being spent the other 75% should not be taxed to pay for it. Grants should also be done away with. There is no such thing as a Government Grant, the government does not make money it takes it from taxpayers therefore these are Taxpayer Grants. I would like to know how many billions of taxpayer dollars are given away in CT annually and then figure out how much more money we taxpayers would keep in our pockets without grants. What are they used for really? To influence voters. Also all negotiations for all contracts with the state whether union, schools, universities,hiring of outside contractors, purchasing of supplies and equipment must be open to the public and media. No closed doors we the taxpayers are having the money taken out of our pockets and we need to insure we are getting our monies worth.