Sunday, May 24, 2015

Miracle Ride

Well I know Ali and I weren't slated to die today. On the bike one mile from the house stopped on the center line to make a left turn, two bikes go by on the right and then whap, the right mirror is spun around and the whole brake and accelerator assembly moves forward and down and hits the directional. A SUV had just hit us! The speed limit is 40 and he was doing it. I took off after him finally got in front of him and forced him to stop. Called the cops. Little 18 year old HS kid, I was yelling at him through the window, a few Fbombs you POS things like that. He looks at me and says I don't like being sworn at, I told him I didn't fnng care he was an aho and a few other things. What went through my mind was you would like it less if dragged your candy ass through that window beat you to a pulp and left you in the bushes, I didn't say it and I didn't do it. The cops showed and Ali was still riding on adrenaline and the cop had to tell her to calm down or she was going to be pinched, she calmed down. End of story he received citations for what I won't know until I get the report later this week, he couldn't even drive home his mother had to drive him he was so upset. She was happy we weren't hurt and very upset with her son. I'm taking the bike in to have the assembly looked at on her dime. I can't believe we took a hit on the bike while stopped and the other vehicle doing forty or more and not a scratch. If it was a car I wouldn't have a right arm. I guess our Higher Power has more plans for Ali and myself.