Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vote as Veterans

U.S. Veterans have been defending the Constitution since it was written, we have successfully defended it on countless battlefields across the globe. While we have been successful against foreign enemies we are close to losing to domestic adversaries. They trained us in the weapons of war but neglected to train us in the most important weapon to protect the Constitution and that is the voting booth. Politicains have no qualms about putting veterans at risk. They have quite a few qualms in giving Veterans the medical benefits they have earned. Elected Public servants (politicians) make sure they have they best benefits in the world from an “temporary” position. Illegals and welfare recipients can go to any hospital. Veterans can't. Both parties are more interested in maintaining the status quo and their cushy jobs so one hand washes the other and they both stay dirty. It's time for us to learn that “new weapon” the Voting booth. There are 21.8 million veterans if we all cover each others back as we learned to do in Basic and each get one other person to vote with us, we vote as a block for Veteran candidates/supporters we can take back America. We will equal both parties. It's time we start voting not as Black, White, Hispanic, Republican or Democrat but as Veterans. Pay attention to who is running, are they a Vet, are they honest, if they are incumbents do they support Vets and the Constitution? The only reason we have lost benefits and have to beg for help is we have forgotten to stand together as Veterans and vote as such with friends and family members who support us. We need to defend the Constitution in the voting booth the same way generations of us have on the battlefield.