Monday, November 10, 2008

Republican loss, on purpose?

Did the Republicans realizing the shape the economy is in and the fact that the American public demands instant satisfaction run a campaign that had little to no chance to win on purpose? I can just hear the Republican strategists, the economy is in terrible shape, even though it's a Democratic congress with a lower approval rating then Bush that did its share to cause it the public won't remember that. The other problem is the American public demands instant everything from coffee to marriage, divorce, enlightenment, anything and everything must happen when they want it forget the fact that it can't. Let's let the Democrats win. This will work out great as another fact about American voters is they have the memory span of 1 news broadcast to the next It's announced Nov. 5 that the Democrats have won, within a week they are putting out their recovery plan, by Christmas they've pretty much taken over the problem. Come the inauguration they own it lock stock and barrel. If it isn't resolved by summer they are going to take full heat for it, not because they should but rather all the public heard during the campaign was "we will fix it" and with a Democratic congress and President it better be done. Throw into the mix a black President and what this will do to race relations in this country if the economy doesn't straighten out right away I shudder to think. Race relations have not improved or changed in years all that's happened is they've been shoved under the rug by putting in place hate/bias crimes law, outlawing racial and ethnic slurs but never dealing with the actual issue of how to achieve true integration and equality.So maybe the Republicans made a smart decision lose this one, let the Democrats try or maybe start to fix the problem, however it won't happen quick enough to satisfy the American public so the Republicans will start winning back seats in the mid term elections and have a good chance to regain the White House in 2012.It's just a thought.

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