Monday, May 9, 2016

No More Republican

I have resigned from the Cheshire RTC and will be changing my party affiliation to unaffiliated. Here is the letter.
May 9, 2016
Guy Darter,
I resign my membership in the Cheshire Republican Town Committee and the Prison Advisory board effective immediately. I will also be changing my voter registration to unaffiliated.
This is no reflection on the RTC but rather I am totally disgusted with the Republican party at the National level.
They were given control of the House and the Senate to stop Obama's destruction of the Constitution, they did nothing.
Donald Trump is overwhelmingly the choice of the Republican voters to run for President and the Republican hierarchy refuses to endorse the people choice. They act as if they are our masters rather than our servants. I'm speaking of the Bushes, Ryan, Romney and the newest insult Barbara Comstock stating Trump hasn't earned their support. What does that mean that he has not bribed them as the corporations do?
I have not seen the the Connecticut Party come out in support of Trump even though he won the state.
I'm not saying I will not vote for republican candidates but I will pay close attention to all the options especially 3rd party candidates.
I will also put this on social media so there is no question why I resigned.
Jim Neilson