Sunday, February 16, 2014

Your money where your mouth is

People talk about “come and take” “Molon Labe” well do you mean it?
Time to put our money where our mouths are. I read blurbs and Facebook posts and rants all the time about how we stand for Freedom, The 2nd Amendment and so on and so on. It's all good and gets heart racing and you feel like you're doing something. Well how about actually doing something that will hit the socialist liberals where it hurts them the most in their wallets! The NY governor says he hates guns and conservatives. That's real simple go to VT or another conservative 2a friendly state to ski, hunt, fish and vacation stay out of the Big Apple don't pay him to destroy America when the tourist money dries up they can ask him why. Stop going to movies why do you keep supporting the liberal actors, actresses and producers that support obama and all those like him! Same goes for musicians and TV stop watching NBC CNN and the rest of the socialist shows. Watch their advertising dollars dwindle. Same with local papers the Hartford Courant should be called Pravda and the New Haven Register is not far behind.
This is a simple but effective way to show you support America, The Constitution and Freedom. Do away with some creature comforts stop paying liberals to destroy America by supporting them. Instead of going to the the movies, or watching TV do something with family and friends. Go do some actual activity support a local business but first make sure they support us Taxpaying Americans and if they are a small business odds on they do.