Monday, March 17, 2014

Save a rescue dog!

I'm tired of reading FB on how a new rescue got loose. I wrote this for B.A.A.C. it applies to all rescues feel free to share it.
Congratulations you have adopted a rescue dog! You’re now in the parking lot waiting for the transport to drop off the new family member or you’re leaving the pound.
Here are some do’s and don’ts if you are a first time rescue parent and a good refresher if it’s been awhile.
You have fallen in love with a picture or dog you met for a few minutes you know nothing about this dog and this dog knows nothing about you. All this dog knows is every time he turns around he has been put in a vehicle and dumped in some new place he is skittish and scared and will bolt at the first opportunity. If you are at the transport they will put a slip lead on the dog. DO NOT REMOVE THIS until you are safely in your house. If it is to short attach another leash to the hand end of it. If you are at the pound put a choke collar on. When you get home from the transport put a choke collar on before you take the dog out of the house. Those cute non choke collars look nice but most dogs can slip their heads out of them before you can stop them and the chance of you getting the dog back after that is slim. Look at the lost posters all over Facebook that happened just this way. Until your dog is trained and knows you and the area a choke collar is a must.
Whatever name you have in your mind the dog doesn’t know it. They had one name in their first home and possibly many more in shelter and foster care so be patient give them time to learn their name with gentle pets and treats as you say it.
For the past few months and maybe longer every time this poor animal has been put in a vehicle it’s whole life has been changed. It takes them time to get use to you and the fact that this is their new furever home do not put them in a car or take them for a trip for a minimum of a month or longer if possible they are scared they are being taken somewhere to be dumped. I waited at least 2 months with each of mine and they were hesitant to get out of the car the first few trips. Sasha my husky took 8 trips before I didn’t have to help her out of the car. Remember they need to learn to feel secure with you and your family so go slow with them.
Get a good dog training book I recommend Kohler Dog Training it’s old school but it work I’m partial to shepherds and he trained WWII war dogs and Rin Tin Tin. Or just let your dog train you.
Remember love, gentleness and patience are your main tools. They don’t think or behave the way humans do and they are getting use to you as you get use to them.
There are more things such as introducing them to the other pets and food but the most important is keeping them from running away and making them feel loved.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Talking Heads

The term “Talking Heads” should refer to elected public servants (politicians) as well as TV reporters, since neither does anything more than spout out what special interest groups have paid for them to say.