Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you MA voters

Yes THANK YOU MA voters for standing up for America. Thanks for taking a good hard look at what is ruining this great country which is obama, pelosi the racist reid and their ilk and saying no more we are taking back our country. The evil kennedy hold on MA is broken and with it the evil spell the obamanation had on America. YES it is a great day again for America. I foresee obama being impeached or forced to resign in disgrace before his term is up.


America real mom & pop hard working America doesn't tolerate Chicago thug politics, behind the scene buyout of the unions not to mention the illegal activities of ACORN nor do they sanction Czars like van jones and the are starting to speak again.


If you want to say anything good has come out of the obamanation administration it is that it has galvanized middle America, it has woken it from it's apathy and the silent majority is saying NO MORE. We want America for Americans not illegals, not socialist not communists but capitalist hard working Americans.


One Big Appalling Mistake America has the first big hole in the dam and it is about to burst no repair possible.