Saturday, June 27, 2015


Question.  Where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights or Amendments does it say everyone is equal?  The only place I saw something close to that  was in the Declaration of Independence  "All men are created equal".  It doesn't say they are or should be made equal.  I know there have been amendments that granted freedom, voting rights etc but I never seen anything saying that everyone is equal or should be.  Look at the disparity of pay when you consider the pay of an average worker against that of our elected public servants, and their retirement.  Same goes for sports figures and other celebrities where is that equality.  Where is the equality in gun rights in the different states?  It appears that people/media/socialists/activists pick and choose what they want people to be equal in.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Junction of American History

At this junction of American History I'll paraphrase our Forefathers "if they don't outlaw us separately they will try to outlaw us together"  It was fine to fight just for Motorcycle Rights and just for Gun Rights and Free Speech rights but now we need to band together.  If they outlaw Free Speech no one will know about Motorcycle Rights or Gun Rights.  If they outlaw guns there will be no way to defend Free Speech and Motorcycle Rights.  It is all tied together and the socialist/communists that call themselves the Democratic Party along with traitors from the Republican party are attempting to keep us fighting separate fights so we are weak and can be destroyed one right at a time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Veterans for leaders

I was born and brought up in the United States of America the greatest country in the history of the world. When did it become Federal America?
When did the states cede their rights to the Federal government? The Constitution defines clearly the rights and duties of the Federal government and that of the States.
I find nothing in the U.S. Constitution that allows the Federal Government to tell states how to educate, what they can or cannot eat along with a host of other usurpations of individual and states Rights.. I see nothing that allows them to take land from the states, nothing that allows federal law to supersede state or local law. How then has this happened? Apathy! Apathy and the lack of educating the people of their Rights under the Constitution. The government of the U.S. Is 100% made up of servants of the United States Citizens, be they civil servants who are hired the same as those in private sector to perform specific duties or those Elected Public Servants we the citizens have put into a position to enact laws that We The People want. Not laws that violate the Constitution, not laws that benefit foreign countries and companies at the expense of the US Citizen. Not laws that benefit special interest groups. These Elected Public Servants took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution” the same as every Veteran. However I see a difference in that Veterans take the Oath one step further and that is we put our lives on the line. Not so for EPS (Elected Public Servants) and based on how they ignore the Constitution it appears they only mouth the words. This needs to change. We need to put in elected office those people who have been willing to put their lives on the line for the Constitution and that is VETERANS. At the same time I want to include those people who wanted to join the military but for reasons of health or family they were not able to. By attempting to they showed the same love of America and the Constitution that we who served do.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We need a third party

Based on the new budget in CT which will drive businesses either out of the state or out of business, and insure that middle income and retired people will lose money to support a bloated state government and welfare system it is time to look at the 2 party system.
Apathy is a major problem. Most people feel that neither party addresses the issues in the way they want them addressed so they either don't bother to vote or blindly vote for the party they and their family has always voted for because of something it did generations ago. Unfortunately this does nothing to help American Taxpaying Citizens or businesses that have made America great. All it does is perpetuate the power of the 2 parties. This is absolutely wrong in that the politicians of both parties have ignored the fact that they are nothing more then “Elected Public Servants”. They are not royalty or elite Americans and based on their disregard of the Constitution and the will of American Citizens the word Honorable should not precede their names.
What is required is a viable third and even fourth party that will be responsive to the will of the people and upset the status quo of the 2 parties where one hand washes the other and the both stay dirty and ignore the people.
I see two possibilities out there, the Veterans Party of America and the Tea Party. However based on election laws put into place by the 2 controlling parties it is extremely difficult for them to get recognition on the ballot. So I strongly suggest you check out these 2 parties and decide which most represents your views and desires on how CT and America should go and vote that way, not blindly for the 2 parties bent on destroying America and Freedom.