Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ignore the U.S. Constitution?

Maybe since obama doesn’t care about the U.S. Constitution we should ignore it too and say if you never worked and chose welfare as a career you don’t get to vote.

Last time Christmas sales were this low was 2008.  Wow wasn’t hussein obama elected then?  Now 4 years later he’s re-elected and the economy takes another dive.  Just proving that most obama voter don’t support the economy they just take from it.  A sign of the end of a civilization is when people find they can vote themselves money and who do you think elected obama and the democrats.  Welfare recipients!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Remember Kent State

Remember the Kent State Massacre? 7 unarmed innocent US college students gunned down and killed by the US Military for exercising their 1st Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech? I wonder how much more of that we would see if they take away the 2nd Amendment? Maybe it's the government that shouldn't have the weapons? Didn't Lincoln say “a government by the people, for the people and of the people”? Nowhere did he or any of our Fathers say “government over the people, a government to control the people” That was never said. The government is suppose to be subservient to the people not the other way around and the 2nd Amendment was our Forefathers way of protecting future generations.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Defend the Constitution

I'm a vet and the biggest threat I see is the ignoring of the Constitution by elected public servants. The Constitution is what we vets swore to defend not a foreign country but THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUITION!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dan Malloy inept Governor

Once again Dannel Malloy (Danny boy) has shown his ineptitude as governor.  Being a governor means being a leader, being the person who exudes a calmness  an overall aurora that a situation will work out well and correctly.  Gov. Christie of NJ is that type of person.  Before during and after Sandy he remained calm, he stated calmly it was dangerous however  if you followed the orders of emergency personnel you would be fine.  After the storm he took the time to calm the children of the state along with their parents by advising parents and adults to tell the children words to the effect of ‘everything will be fine,  this is an adult problem and the adults are taking care of it’.  That is a leader.

Danny Boy on the other hand fed the panic and hysteria by declaring, words to the effect of ‘this could be the greatest loss of life in history, this is the worst storm in history’ definitely not a leader.  Then he couldn’t make up his mind and issued contradictory statements one of which was “the highways will be closed when the sustained winds reach 45mph”  I was checking NOAA for Ansonia and Cheshire also Windsor and at no time did they call for sustained winds over 39mph. Yet within the hour of issuing that statement he closed the highways I don’t think gusts had even reached that speed.  Then he ordered emergency personnel to stay indoors because it was dangerous.  Unless I’m mistaken the basic underlying theme of the job of emergency personnel is that it is a dangerous job in dangerous conditions and they are trained for it and volunteer for it.  A leader would have let those trained for a job do it.

In my opinion we have an inept coward for a Governor.  It is no wonder the state is in the financial situation it is in.  Danny boy does nothing more than talk to cause division in the state and raise taxes.   I just hope that if he does try to run again the people will remember this storm his lack of leadership and how he fed the hysteria and panic and make sure he doesn’t get another term

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bullying is OK

America is becoming nothing more then the land of wimps and cowards. Bullying is a normal if not nice side of nature and not just human nature it has been around since the beginning. Morons now think they can outlaw it and everything will be fine that is so wrong and is one of the causes of school shootings and other senseless act of violence we hear about. When you protect kids from bullying you take away their learning of the skills needed to deal with it. We had bullies when I was growing up and we learned either stay away from them or a group joined up and dealt with them. We also learned by being bullied that we were not the toughest, smartest most athletic or whatever else we may have thought we were our egos got bruised and we ran home and cried or ranted to our friends but we got tough and we learned that "sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me" and guess what they don't to this day. We grew up in the 60's and 70's and had our fist fights and yelling matches but we didn't shoot up the school and the cops weren't called and we didn't go into lock down. You take a kid now a days his parents have told him from the womb he(she) is great goes to high school with the mistaken notion he is the best singer, artist what have you and the teachers tell him he is not. Bang no coping skills he goes gets a gun and wipes out kids and teachers and everyone wonders why. Answer is easy the kid was lied to from the beginning about how good and talented he was, he never heard the truth or had to deal with anything. Take it a step further he makes it through school and gets a job and the boss (they never bully) tells him he's not up to standard, he's not good enough something along those lines bang office massacre. All because misguided idiots want to "PROTECT" someone instead of letting them grow up normally with all the pain and heartache that goes with it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bring back the American Dream

It is time that the American Dream is re-established, that American Citizens and companies are not insulted and taxed out of existence because they dare to make a profit. The American people need to remember that the government is here to serve the American Citizen; the American Citizen is not here to serve the government contrary to what the politicians want us to believe

It is time the government stops taking money out of the pockets of the American Citizen under the guise of taxes to better the living conditions of citizens of foreign countries. It is time the American government stops taking jobs and money away from American Citizens by giving foreign countries/companies breaks on duties and tariffs on imports into the US. The duties and tariffs and red tape should match what that country charges American companies to import into their country. It is time the government stops with punitive taxes and untenable laws based on emotion and run by government agencies that act as feudal lords on American business that prevent them from making a profit in America.

We need to rid the government of the professional politicians those people who have done nothing but live off the tax dollars/backs of hardworking American Taxpayers and put in their place business people who understand profit and loss. Who understand that budgets must be made and adhered to. Who understand that it is the government’s job to cut costs and not just increase taxes on already over taxed citizens who have to make cuts in their own budgets. It doesn’t matter if they are democrat or republican if they are not for the working American Taxpayer and American Businesses they need to go. In short we need to have a house cleaning in Washington. Again it doesn’t matter if they are democrats or republicans if they put any other country above America they need to go.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I don’t understand how we can continue to throw tax dollars down the proverbial toilet of what passes for education in these times. 

Educate-to develop the faculties and powers of (a person) by teaching, instruction, or schooling.

However we no longer educate our youth or anyone, all we do is instruct them how to memorize so they can pass standardized tests.  No thought process involved or questioning allowed.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Celebrate The American Revolution

Celebrating Connecticut’s role in the American Revolution is a very good idea.  The fact that Gov. Malloy is hitching his political star to it is sheer audacity of the highest sort.  Gov Malloy, Rep Donovan and others of their same mindset and political leanings represent everything our revolutionary forefathers detested and fought against.

Tyranny in the issuing of executive orders to by-pass the will of the people and their duly elected representatives, the disregarding the will of the people in the matter of the death penalty, in the power given to unions that takes the right to work from others.  Tyranny in the form of government agencies that act as feudal lords in regards to their dealing with the taxpayers, in the fact they sign contracts with labor unions and others that the people who pay the bill are forbidden to be part of or view the negotiations.  In the total ignoring of the fact that they are elected, appointed and hired to serve the will of the majority of the people, the people are not here to serve them.

Taxation without adequate representation.  The constant increasing of taxes to continue to feed the never satisfied hunger of government programs that are doing nothing more then turning Connecticut into a socialist/feudal state where those in power just keep their boot of taxation to the throat of the working taxpayers of Connecticut.

Celebrating the part our forefathers played in the revolution should be a wakeup call to the citizens of Connecticut to demand that our elected officials follow the Constitution of the State of Connecticut.  That they hold all government employees elected, appointed or hired accountable to the people of Connecticut.  That they not continue to destroy the American Dream of making a better life for oneself and one’s family by taxation.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Emotion vs. Logic

Time to retire the political labels of conservative and liberal and exchange them for the terms Logical and Emotional.
The discussion of raising the minimum wage shows how different the 2 points of view are.  

Emotion says it is the correct thing to do, increase the minimum wage with no facts to show that it will be a benefit.   It is nothing but a feel good law and will not solve anything just cause more problems.

Logic says if the minimum wage is increased all goods and services will see an increase in prices to cover the corporation’s additional cost not only of the raise but the increase in federal and state taxes.  Because of this fact when the raise goes into effect it will do nothing to help the plight of the minimum wage workers, everything they buy will have increased in price thus negating the raise.  Companies that employ mainly minimum wage employees may have to cut some positions in order to remain solvent thereby putting more people on unemployment or welfare. Others hurt by this will be the ones who make more than minimum wage because their pay will not go up but their costs for groceries and day to day items will increase thereby lowering their standard of living.

Emotionally and with little logic it is a feel good idea that actually ends up hurting not only those it was intended to help but many others who are barely scraping by in this day and age.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thin human herds not animals

Why do we always have to thin out animal herds in their own area? Humans are the ones causing the problem by constantly reproducing when there aren’t enough natural resources to support more humans. We are the ones destroying the environment not the animals!

Don’t you think it’s time to start thinking quality rather than quantity for human life? My living will and health care proxy clearly states if I am paralyzed, in a permanent vegetative state and so on can’t feed myself (the big A) pull the plug. Living like that is not life, in my mind it is hell on earth!

Oh can one of you Christians out there who believes in and praises heaven as fantastic beautiful and the best there explain why you and your religion want to keep alive a loved one who is clearly not living a true life but rather just kept alive on machines? I think that’s cruel and inhuman, but what do you expect of a religion that treats women as second class?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Government job titles

American politicians have become increasingly confused about their jobs and powers in recent years. Perhaps this could help straighten out the confusion, look at the job titles; President, Vice-President, Senator, Congressman all these titles are followed by, “The United States of America”. The titles are not followed by “The World” though they seem to think so.

Our politicians have lost their way, they have forgotten the sacred trust they inherited from those who came before and that simply is, the protection and betterment of the United States of America and her legal citizens called Americans. They are not responsible for bettering the quality of life or the governing any other nation. Especially, when the bettering of the other nation lowers the quality of life for Americans.

They have forgotten that in a republic the government derives its powers from the people. Its job is to serve the people it is not the people’s job to serve the government.

It is time to vote out all the politicians who think their title ends in “The World” and elect officials who understand the title ends in “the United States of America”. People who understand the legacy left them by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the like who envisioned not a ruling elite class of politicians but rather common men coming together for a short period not a career to best help govern their friends and countrymen to make and keep America free and the best country in the world.