Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cold Heartless Dan Malloy

I am embarrassed to be a citizen of the State of Connecticut.  It is not because of the vote on the second amendment.  I am embarrassed that our state and myself are represented on the national and international level by Daneel Malloy. The governor of a state should be a person of high integrity high moral fiber, a person of compassion and humanity a person who puts others and the state before self and Dan Malloy has proved since the shooting at Sandy Hook he is none of these.  He has proved to be a self serving egotist who puts himself and his political agenda over and above the needs and the concerns of others specifically in this case the families who lost children, spouses and loved ones at the hands of a deranged lunatic.    Anyone who has lost a parent, a spouse or a sibling knows firsthand that pain, and the loss of a child is unbearable.  In the very beginning it helps to have people constantly around but after a week or so you need your privacy so you can grieve on your own, start trying to come to terms with the unimaginable.  Did Dan Malloy give these poor people any time to grieve?  A resounding NO is that answer.  He saw only his own political agenda and a way to use these grieving parents and survivors as his way into the national and international spotlight.  So while mouthing worthless platitudes and words of comfort that were nothing more then actors do on stage he for the four  months  since the incident has done nothing but use these poor people as a circus act in which he is the ringmaster.  Had he had one ounce of humanity or compassion in him he would have allowed these people the time to mourn, a time to be by themselves and their surviving loved ones.  But no he wouldn’t do the decent human thing because to do that would have removed him from the spotlight.  His political agenda would have had to wait a year maybe longer and people would have cooled down and he would not have the national and international spotlight on him the great Daneel Malloy.  Instead of allowing them to heal he risked these souls very sanity by not allowing them their time under professional care to deal with this unimaginable event to keep himself in the spotlight.  I would wager these poor souls don’t even know rationally what is happening.

It horrific to watch what he has done to these survivors.  I can only pray that over time they can find some peace and that Dan Malloy and other like him leave the survivors in peace to get the professional and personal help they need.

I also hope the nation and the world do not judge the citizens of Connecticut by the behavior of one cold hearted egoistical compassionless man we have the misfortune of having as governor.  

Regardless of your political leanings or your feeling on guns if you have a shred of humanity and compassion in you for the survivors of Sandy Hook you should be as disgusted and appalled at the behavior of Dan Malloy and the other politicians that worked with him as I am.