Saturday, June 24, 2023

Take back the American government


The governments, local, state and federal have ignored their job which is to be the voice of We The People, the legal taxpaying citizens of America. Not the voice of other countries or companies.

What we have here is the government our Founders Freed us from in 1776.

Our elected and civil servants and a complacent media have since the government's start brainwashed the citizens through seemingly innocent words. The main ones being government Officials and government Funded. They are not officials, they are elected public servants/representatives or hired civil servants, they are the employees of We the People, we are not their employees or serfs, they are ours. Government Funded is a major lie and deceit. The government produces nothing all the money it has is extorted through taxes and fees, so the next time you see the words government funded know that you the citizens are paying the bill.

It is time we start doing our jobs and telling our servants/representatives what to do.

The most important way to do this is, all negotiations for any spending of taxpayers money are open to the public and the media. This includes all negations with public servant unions on pay, pensions holidays, down to and including the purchasing of toilet paper. If taxpayers money is being spent, if new ways to extort money from taxpayers are being discussed it should be illegal to do this behind closed doors. Just think how much our taxes could be lowered if actual negotiations

took place just as the do in the private sector. Remember private sector has to sell something so they need to keep costs and prices down. Our government doesn’t care about that they just raise taxes and fees.

It’s time our elected and hired public/civil servants/representatives are made to open to all negotiations and to listen to and follow the will of We The People Legal American Citizens.

Sunday, June 11, 2023


It is very sad how the democrats, liberals and wanna be do-gooders actually hold down the people they claim they want to help.  Human nature being what it is, a sense of accomplishment in earning what a person has brings on a feeling of self esteem that grows in a person, bringing them pride and dignity in themselves and their ability to do something on their own.  The passing of the bill that provides licenses to illegal immigrants is just one more way the democrats have taken away the personal dignity of minorities in that what the bill truly says is that you are not good enough to do this on your own so we will take care of it for you.  Welfare is exactly the same thing it is the democrats/liberals telling people that they are useless and can’t take care of themselves so the they the liberals will.  Here’s your money never try to better yourself just keep re-electing us and we will keep sending you money and keep you from reaching your true potential.  Liberals have enslaved generations of low income people by this method.

Republicans and capitalists on the other hand have said work and earn the things you want. While all of us can't be millionaires all of can have the self esteem and pride that comes with doing and earning for ones self.

It is time the Democrat elected public servants start helping people find work, pride and self esteem by making Connecticut employer friendly so that private sector jobs will increase instead of enslaving them to the welfare check to keep their own elected positions secure.