Thursday, August 21, 2008

Government by the People

Government by the People

This year voters will have their say on one of the most important pieces of legislation ever to be put to a vote in Connecticut. That is the ability of voters to directly make laws. If this piece of legislation passes it will no longer just be the elected representatives and their lobbyist friends who will make the laws we have to live under but anyone could initiate a referendum to make a law that has to be approved by a majority of voters. No longer would the citizens of CT be under the dictates of laws passed out of emotion, with no logic behind it that only benefit small but loud special interest groups or laws passed to benefit special interests that have powerful lobbies that just look out for them. The "Silent Majority" can and hopefully will have its say if this law passes.

However I see very little about it in the media and what I do see has the special interest groups pushing to insure this change does not pass.

I feel that is UNAMERICAN. Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg address called America "a government by the people, for the people, and of the people". It seems in CT, the government, the elected representatives, the lobbyists, and the special interest groups do not feel that a government run by the people is in their best interests. Apparently they do not consider the people they control intelligent enough to know what laws and taxes they want. They are wrong. I think the legislators are scared they would become accountable for the laws and taxes they pass.

I hope this law passes and the media gets behind it to protect their right to a free press.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Print names & addresses

I just read another story where a 16 year old was arrested on a sexual assault charge. Of course that persons name wasn't printed because of their age. I say that's wrong. Once a kid is over 10 they should know the difference between right and wrong or their parents didn't do a good job raising them, and their name and parents name and town should be in the media if they break the law. Then perhaps the parents may actually start controlling their kids for fear of their own embarrassment. I'm tired of reading about these criminal punks running around and no one knowing who they are. Guess what your kid maybe the next victim of the 16 year old in the beginning of this piece because you don't know about them. Please don't hand me the bleeding heart garbage they are only 'children' and the rest of their life and their parents shouldn't be ruined by having their names published. They've already ruined the life of the person or persons they committed the crime against why should they walk away without anyone knowing it was them. Parents are responsible not society or the government and should face the consequences of not disciplining their offspring, and the kids should learn what happens when you break the law.