Sunday, June 16, 2024

Electric vehicles are to control you


Electric vehicles are about control. They can shutdown the electric grid or the vehicle with the push of a button. Also they can track you, and the distance you can travel is very limited with a long charging time. They want you in these or on buses trains or planes so the can tell you when and where you can travel and monitor you the entire time. Now don’t forget the charging of the EV is done by diesel powered generators so how are you protecting the environment.

If you really wanted to protect the environment wouldn’t you have solar panels on the roof of the vehicle and a alternator designed to recharge the battery powered by the wheels? As you drove the battery charged just like gas powered vehicles. But wait if you were able to do this and not be controlled by the power grid what would be the purpose of an EV? Also don’t forget the lithium in the batteries is toxic and very difficult to safely dispose of. Oh and we are not running out of gas.

EVs Destroy roads

EVs weigh hundreds and sometimes thousands pounds more than gas vehicles they will destroy the roads quicker than gas vehicles how much are the governments going to charge them for the repairs? Since gas cars pay a gas tax which supposedly goes for road repair how much will EV pay?

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Distacted driving


This is regarding the number of wrong way drivers and rollovers that have been occurring with increasing frequency.
I feel these accidents will not be stopped by special signs on exit ramps or by increased DUI stops because they for the most part in my opinion are not caused by drunk drivers but rather distracted drivers.  Especially when you look at the times of the accidents, normally they are not after the bars have closed.
I also have noticed that the police will tell us when the driver was drunk or under the influence of drugs, so it is interesting that rarely if ever I can't remember ever reading a reason other than DUI do the police provide that reason for the wrong way drivers and rollovers.  So what is the reason?  I have a retirement job that allows me watch people driving down the road and pulling into a parking lot and the percentage of people I see holding a cell phone to their ear or staring down towards their lap is about 35%, that does not include those on a phone call using a hands free device so you know they are not paying full attention to their driving.  Last is paying attention to the "TV" screen on the dashboard of new vehicles that has replaced the radio.
My question that I feel would be an interesting investigation is why we are not told when it is cell phone use/distracted driving that caused the accident.  With all the apps and features on the phones I'm sure that the police could check the time of the accident against the last time the cell phone was in use.  If they do, why don't they tell us?  If they don't, why not?  My thought on why they don't either check or if they do why they don't tell us is because it could possibly leave the cell phone providers liable for the accident the same as bars and liquor stores are held liable for DUIs.  If I am correct in this assumption, who told the police not to look into the cell phone use as the cause of the accident and why did they tell them.  Is money changing hands?  In this day and age with what goes on in politics causing the stock prices of cell phone providers to fall because of this liability could provide a reason to keep it quiet.
Or which I find hard to believe the police never thought of checking the last time the cell phone was used compared to the time of the accident.

Bring back a goverment by the people


Inflation is causing American families to cut back on purchases and being unable to save for retirement, vacations or other dreams they have. Why? Simple they can’t go to their employer and demand more pay to cover the inflation. They are also lucky if their employer is still in business in CT with all the additional taxes, fees and regulations our employees (the government) has placed upon them.

Please note while corporations have had to cut back on essentials, employees, pay, benefits and more. Our employees the government elected public servants and civil servants have not cut back on anything. They treat the individual and corporate taxpayers as ATMs and care little to nothing about what the increased taxes and fees do to their finances and their ability to achieve their version of the American Dream.

If the government was a private corporation it would not make it a year. It is so top heavy with management who do nothing but collect pay, healthcare and pensions.

One example is DEEP:

They have 18 boards and commissions, just one of the boards/commission ( CT State Emergency Response Commission) has 9 commissioners. Also 9 appointed by the governor why?

My solution is to bring in temporarily managers from private corporations that have absolutely no connections to the CT government no contracts and no people having large percentage of stock in the corporations, put them in charge of setting up the commissions and boards I’d bet they would cut the number of so called commission/boards and managers by over 70%.

The other area that needs to be brought under control are the alphabet agencies. These agencies impose fees, fines, and charge for permits without any of it going before We The People or our elected public servants/representatives. We are supposed to be a country of Laws that are voted on by the legal citizens and their representatives not rules and regulations put in place by civil servants who were not elected to represent us.

If we want to live the American Dream and to help our children and grandchildren live theirs we need to take back control of our lives, our state and our country. We do this by showing up in person on election day and voting out all the incumbents, since they have proven they care nothing about us, our finances our Freedom or our lives. We vote in people who will actually represent us and do what we want. Not what corporations, private interest groups and other countries want them to do. We also through popular vote put in place term limits, and require popular vote for all tax increases and shutdown the alphabet agencies.

It is time to return Connecticut and America to the country our Forefathers started and follow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.