Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Letter To American Voters

The belief in and the love of Freedom begins in the home.
This is an open letter to all Americans who support the U.S. Constitution and America.
Before you whine and cry and look for someone to blame that here in CT, Freedom and the U.S. Constitution took a hit in the last election, look in the mirror.
I'm sure you voted and you voted for Freedom but what about your children and your grandchildren? Did you raise them to understand the importance of voting, the importance of Freedom, the Freedom that millions of veterans gave all to preserve?
Did you raise them to have pride, dignity, a good work ethic? Did you teach them to stand for truth and honesty? Did you teach them stand for America the greatest country in the world? Did you raise them not to follow the crowd but rather follow what is Right? Did you advise them not to blindly believe what they are told in left leaning schools and the leftist media? Did you tell them to raise their children the way you raised them?
If you did this then I'm sure your children and grandchildren were there on election day helping come closer to bringing back America and Freedom. If you didn't, it is that time you did! I don't care how old your children are or how young your grandchildren are you still can and need to instill in them the love of America and Freedom you have. You need to instill in them the importance of them voting every election. To instill in them the courage to stand for America and Freedom is your sacred duty as an American and parent and a grandparent.
If you are being complacent and think they know all of this you are wrong, they are bombarded at every turn by the leftist media, leftist teachers and because of that leftist socialist peers. You can be sure those socialists and welfare parents and grandparents are indoctrinating their families in how to destroy America. It is up to you to teach your families to stand for America. If you do the next election will bring us closer to bringing back America. If you don't and America is not here for your retirement or your grandchildrens' childhood look in the mirror the only one you can blame for the fall of America is the one looking back at you, the one who couldn't be bothered, didn't have the time or didn't think it was important.

Feel free to pass on as long as you leave my name attached. I want the liberals to know where this came from. My John Hancock if you will.

Jim Neilson
Cheshire CT

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welfare slaves

So the slaves once again voted in their democratic welfare masters. Rather then develop pride, dignity, and a work ethic these slaves prefer a welfare check and their democratic masters are happy to steal from those with pride dignity and a work ethic to provide it. What are they going to do when the workers decide it's better to be on welfare themselves? Who's going to pay for the welfare check then?