Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mileage tax???

Let me get this straight! Vehicle owners pay sales tax when they purchase the vehicle, then a yearly property tax, add to that registration every two years with a fee for the clean air fund, and an emissions test (fee) you would have thought those two would be the same. Also state and federal taxes on every gallon of gas they buy. Now due to the incompetence of the state elected public servants who should have been using the monies generated by the fees and taxes just listed on road maintenance, but instead it was spent on , illegals, insane pensions for civil servants, and who knows what ever else they could come up with in the way of grants or paying back those who supported them, put into the General Fund everything but what it was supposed to be used for. Now because of their incompetence they want to charge us by the mile? We already pay that in the gas tax!. Also since not everyone can afford any additional taxes and fees isn't charging us to travel restricting our freedom? I thought that is what America is about Freedom to travel, to earn and keep your money things along those lines. No one in private sector would keep their job if they were this incompetent. This present group of elected public servants need to be removed from office for gross financial incompetence and sued individually by the taxpayers of this state. Also I would question the Constitutionality of requiring the tracking of vehicles. Could this be used against people? Could these coordinates be called into divorce proceedings, disability hearings, actually violate the 5th Amendment against self incrimination by putting a vehicle in certain locations? And let's us not forget the biggest issue driving more people to leave the state.