Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who is it OK to offend?

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy Ramadan Hanukah, Kwanza whatever your holiday is.

My question is who feelings are more important?

Someone who was brought up to believe in Christmas and has brought their children up the same way now all of a sudden is not allowed to acknowledge or celebrate Christmas in a school because it may offend someone else. Did anyone consider not allowing people to celebrate or acknowledge their holiday offends them? Whose feelings are more important. Remember whether people want to admit it Christmas has been openly celebrated in American school and government since 1776 and now it is not. Why not?

Whether or not people want to acknowledge it this country was Christian based with a openness and an acceptance of all other religions. If it wasn't for the tolerance practiced by the Christians, none of these other religions would be allowed to practice openly in America and now these religions want to shut down or hurt the Christians? These other religions should be thankful that the Christians have allowed them to come here and practice and have not oppressed them as other countries have. They should do well to remember they came to this country for religious freedom and were given it so why are they trying to take away the religious freedom of the people who gave them their freedom?

Other religious groups are not in any way shape or form prohibited from celebrating or acknowledging their holidays why should Christians be?

How can celebrating Christmas offend Jews, Muslims or Blacks aren't these other religions taught tolerance and understanding?

So again who is it alright to offend and who isn't it? It's ok to offend Christians but not other religions why?

Just for the record I belong to no religious sect, group or practice I'm just asking why is always ok to offend certain people but not others. Yes you could take this into the race area of America also.