Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elected pensions

The AG is trying to take away Perez's pension.


My question is;

Why should any elected official receive a pension no matter how many or how few terms they serve? Another is why any government employee should receive a pension funded by taxpayers when most taxpayers have to have their own 401K. Why should government officials and employees have better pay retirement and benefits than the poor taxpayers that have to pay for it.


Go back to the elected ones.. It's their choice to seek that office. I don't believe our founding fathers expected people milking the taxpayers for years upon years or turning an elected office into a career. It's disgusting. I think the idea behind elected office was to bring in new blood and ideas every election or every other not this job for life. I believe in the federal system and it appears in Hartford's too that one term gets you a pension. Many people worked over 50 year and are barely holding on. Yet the same people who ruined social security and tax us into bankruptcy live high on the hog while in office and the same way once they're out all on the taxpayers dime.


Time to vote them all out and institute in their place such safeguards as we deem necessary for the survival of America which definitely means doing away with retirement for any elected position.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Defense attorneys.

Do defense attorneys go too far in defending the guilty? Not in protecting their rights which are the defense attorney's job but in attacking the victims?

Do defendants have more rights than victims?

Do victims get the short end of the stick?

Should laws be written that the government not insurance companies or families will pay all medical bills, including any mental health needs they may need that relate to the crime as well as all funeral expenses if need be? I mean why not? If the criminal is convicted all their medical and mental issues are being paid for by the taxpayers, hell we even pay to heal them to put them on trial.