Friday, September 16, 2011

RIP American dream

The American Dream has died. It did not die a natural death it was murdered. It was murdered not by a terrorist organization or foreign government, Al Qaeda did not cause its demise. It was murdered by the people whose job was to protect it, the elected public servants in the American Congress. The men and women who swore an oath to protect and defend America and its citizens failed to uphold that oath. They gave away American jobs to foreign countries. They allowed corporations to form "almost" monopolies that drove American mom & pop stores and businesses across the country out of business. They allow oil speculators and monopolistic American and foreign oil companies to destroy the American economy. They waste trillions of American tax dollars in wars in foreign countries that have no benefit to the American taxpayer. They give trillions of tax dollars and medical aid to illegal immigrants. Yet nothing is done to help the Americans who have worked their whole lives and contributed to America and Social Security. There is no raise for Social Security recipients no help with medical, no help with mortgages or rent.

They give themselves raises and the best medical in the world for life as well as a retirement from one term in office. The taxpayers who pay for this need to work for decades to hopefully be able to retire.

It is time to vote them all out of office. When the government ignores the Constitution and the needs and the desires of American citizens the Declaration of Independence guides us in what we need to do.
It is time to resurrect the American Dream, to vote in people who will "provide new Guards for their future security". It is time to end unjust taxation with questionable representation it is 1776 again. It is time to put in term limits, end their retirement and medical, set their pay and medical to that of an average American. We need to elect public servants who will pass laws that will protect America and make her great again.