Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where are Sharpton and Jackson?

Where are Sharpton and Jackson? Have they broken with obama? Here are 2 Americans and their followers who have fought for decades for an America they feel should be there. They fought against racism and in the minds of some they were racists in their own right, but through it all they supported the American dream. The dream that let everyone, have a chance at wealth, security, pride no matter their race, gender or ethnic background. So where are they?

Is it because they believe in America and the American dream not obama/pelosi's dream of socialism/communism that they have been banished? Bill Aayers Weather Underground is right in there with obama when the secret service would not have let him near any previous president. In the obama administration I wouldn't be surprised to find out he has his own office and parking space at the White House. Makes sense since it doesn't appear that the current inhabitant of the White House supports anything resembling freedom or the American dream.

Look at all the CZARS appointed. WHY? People in private sector are losing their jobs and pay and here obama is wasting more tax money to feed his ego and pay off political favors. Why aren't any of these CZARS vetted by Congress? Why should people who are in no way accountable to the American people be paid by them and rule over them as czars did in Russia?

But back to the original question where are Sharpton and Jackson? Why weren't they appointed to any position in the obama administration. Again is it because they support a free America for all races and obama only wants a subservient America answerable to him?

Time for patriots to step up to the plate and tell any elected official if they continue supporting oabama in his anti American policies they will be voted out of office.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where’s Biden?

Kinda like a democratic "Where's Waldo"


I can't remember hearing or seeing anything about the VP in quite awhile.


Has he been replaced by a czar?


Is he keeping his distance so when obama goes down in disgrace he won't be tarnished to badly by it?


Or what?


Granted most veeps aren't in the public view constantly but they are mentioned now and then also they are usually out there stomping for policy and I can't remember him out there or being mentioned prominently enough for the socialist health care bill for me to notice his name. Maybe he took a stand against socialist or government controlled medicine so they have him locked up in some psych unit (government run of course under a czar of misinformation)


So where is Biden?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kennedy arrogance

What total elitist egotistical arrogance coming from that murderer. He should be allowed to anoint his successor????

No!! The voters put in who they want at least that was the plan of the founding fathers, apparently the kennedy's feel they're above this kind of like our lie-berman who is the 'only one who knows what best for israel sorry CT' and let's not forget the pure as mud dodd oh sorry the ethics committee said he did nothing wrong.


This also shows the stupidity/moronic idiocy of the majority of the MA voters in putting a murderer back in federal office constantly. CT voters aren't much brighter but as far as I know lie-berman and dodd never killed anyone.


I hope Mary Jo gets to greet him on his way to hell and spit in his face to bad she didn't hold on to him in the car. But at least he'll be back together with those 2 garbage brothers of his. Let's see who wins that the kennedy's or the devil. I'm hoping the devil, than they can live in torment for all eternity!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moral Obligation


Use moral in a Sentence



of, pertaining to, or concerned with the principles or rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong; ethical: moral attitudes.




founded on the fundamental principles of right conduct rather than on legalities, enactment, or custom: moral obligations.



capable of conforming to the rules of right conduct: a moral being.



conforming to the rules of right conduct (opposed to immoral ): a moral man.



Interesting definition.


My question is when did 'moral' become a license to steal or take money from one group of people and give it to another under the guise of moral obligation?


During my formative years I was taught it was my moral obligation to be a honest hardworking productive member of society, not a leech on it. 


It appears somehow this definition of the moral obligation has been perverted.  No longer is it a persons moral obligation to be productive member of society, it is the moral obligation of society to take from the productive members and give to the others. 




I can understand giving someone the basics, food, food shelter, clothing, medical care, the operative word being BASIC.  A person who works should not have their lifestyle lowered to provide an equivalent lifestyle to someone who chooses not to work.  The American dream was based on having the freedom to make a better life for yourself and your family.  How is this possible now with the government taking more and more money from you in the form of taxes under the guise of it's your moral obligation to help others.  It maybe a moral obligation to assist others less fortunate but it is not a moral obligation to bring your lifestyle down and theirs up to an equal standard.  That is socialism or communism and that is not what America was founded on. 


America was based on an individual's right to make themselves the best life they could.  The government's job was to insure that all American citizens had that right.  This appears to have been lost somewhere.  It appears that the officials we have elected to represent our interests have put the right of Americans to better themselves on the proverbial back burner. 


This if it is not stopped it is the death of America.  What reason will the upcoming generations have to better themselves, to be inventive or innovative if there is no reward, if everything they work for will be taken from them? 


It is time to rethink the perversion of term 'moral obligation' and return it to it's true meaning that being the individual has the moral obligation to be a productive member of society and not society taking from the productive members to reward the non productive members.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cheshire CT Tea Party

Just to let you know there is a Tea Party in front of the Cheshire Town Hall every Monday night 5-6PM. It's been growing every week starting with a handful 7 weeks ago to 50+ this last Monday.


The support of the people driving by is great I only heard 1 negative comment the rest was horns, thumbs up, and you're doing great shouts.


Come on down and experience right of freedom of speech and the right of peaceable assembly being exercised. Whether you agree or not with the signs isn't important, what is, is that the rights are being exercised. If they are not exercised they will atrophy and die.


I've been asked what is a Real American. A simple answer, a Real American is one that exercises their rights, that makes their feelings known to the elected officials, who does not just sit back and say the government is good and right, does not expect or demand the government to provide food, medical, jobs, but rather goes out and provides the best they can for themselves and their families. In short a Real American is one who stands for accountability in government, personal responsibility over governmental intrusion in private lives and has the courage to stand up and be counted to defend personal rights, liberties and the Constitution of the United States of America.


It's almost like it's 1776 all over again.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Constitutional or not?

Is universal or government paid for health care constitutional? Where in the constitution does it say the government has the right or is required to provide health care for the citizens?


The constitution was written to govern the government not the people. It actually limits the power of the federal government. We have allowed the government which is nothing more than an enterprise to control the masses too much control over the rights of individuals. I'm sure our founders are spinning in their graves due to the fact we have failed in the sacred trust they gave their lives to establish for us and that is to insure that we the people govern the government rather than the opposite.


How many rights are you willing to give up? How many more rights can be stripped or stolen from us under the guise of government before we are no longer a free people in a free country?


Take back America vote out the incumbents, demand accountability.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care

I agree we need to do something about health care and it should be done quickly. But not stupidly which is the norm for the federal government. They have someone write a law or a program and than vote on it without people reading it, that's stupid and moronic. Which either tells us the caliber of our elected officials or the fact they just don't care about us.

If Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Dodd, all of the elected public officials come out and put in writing that they, their staffs and every member of the federal government will be covered by what every health care plan they put together and that they can not augment it in any way shape or form by paying out of their own pockets for more coverage I'll back it. If they don't I'll fight it and encourage everyone I know to fight it. If the plan they are putting together is good enough for 1 American it is good enough for all and that definitely includes the elected officials of this country.