Friday, September 15, 2017

No More closed doors

One major issue that has caused the financial destruction of Connecticut is that our Elected Public Servants have forgotten that they are Servants not Rulers.
Our Elected Public Servants do not feel they answer to us but rather that we answer to them. This is very apparent when it comes to spending our, the taxpayers money on contracts. If we want to make Connecticut Great Again we need to have total control over the spending done by our elected public servants. As each one of us knows in our personal finances we can not spend more then we make. We can not run ourselves into debt and demand our employers pay us more to get us out of debt. Why should our public servants be able to do that? Why should they be able to treat the taxpaying citizens of Connecticut as an unlimited ATM with no concern of what it does to our personal finances and lives? Enough is enough!
Why are most if not all negotiations held behind closed doors! The only dealings the government should be doing behind closed doors is if directly relates to security. Security of the citizens. This means how we are being protected from terrorist threats, or how they hunt down child molesters, drug dealers. These things need to be kept secret.
Every contract that is entered into by the government be it for paper clips or rebuilding roads and buildings needs to be put out for open bid and all those bids and negotiations need to be open to the public and the media. This goes the same for all contracts for all unions and all other personnel hired by and employed by the citizens of Connecticut. No closed door deals! Everything out in the open for the public and media to view and report on. This back door dealing, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours is what has destroyed Connecticut! We need to replace all the elected public servants in Hartford with people who will make the Taxpaying Legal Citizens of Connecticut their priority, not the unions and the corporations that have bled Connecticut dry.