Thursday, October 30, 2008

America will need foreign aid

Well if Obama and the rest of the lets take money from the hardworking people of America and give to lazy I'm to good to work bums, the ones who don't finish school, don't make their kids even go to school or have another baby just because they want more money group (Not people with actual disabilities) . Actually win and take power they are going to bankrupt this country. Who is going to want to invest their time and money to start a business so they can pay people thru taxes who don't even work. The American dream was to be able to build a good future for yourself not work your self to death for others. And if this form of redistributing the wealth works so well in other countries why are they all dependent on US foreign aid to keep going? If we do go to this form of government what country is going to give us foreign aid to keep us going? And at what income or housing level would people be better off not working and still live as good as they did. I my mind you have to earn what you get and deserve and if I want to help someone it's my choice, it is not the government's right to take my money to give to someone else.

Sunday, October 19, 2008



It appears that the mediocre, the untalented, and the lazy to name a few have taken over and due to their numbers have effectively ended the American dream. You know them, you may even be one of them, and it does appear they are in the majority. These are the people who feel that they can do anything as well as an expert in that field, providing the standard is lowered. They have always been among us and up until recently they had stayed with their own kind moaning and groaning complaining how they could have hit that pitch if it wasn't thrown so fast, or skied that mountain if it wasn't that steep, or played that song if…. written that book if…. you know the type nothing but excuses. You need all types to make a society and everyone has their place and things work fine. Those that can do it and do it reap the rewards, those that can't do it as well or at all but assist those who can reap their rewards. The ones that do nothing but moan and complain lived on crumbs. All of a sudden things have changed; politicians have decided that to stay in their do nothing but act and look important at photo ops jobs they need votes. What a better wellspring to tap for votes then the mediocre. They already have grandiose dreams of themselves, now some of them can come to be realized. Not by hard work of their own, oh no by having politicians "legally" rob under the guise of taxes the ones who work and produce and give the proceeds to the mediocre. This is a real lowering of the standards of the mediocre. They use to take pride in doing their own robbing. I guess everything gets out sourced today.

Unless something is done in this upcoming election to keep Obama and his cohorts Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, AAyers and the rest of the ilk he pals with out of power forget about asking your boss for a raise it will just be taken away by the government for welfare either before you get it or after you get it. Probably after so that you'll be in a higher tax bracket and you can feel proud you make so much even though those on welfare are now living better then you.

How can a true American vote for Obama?

I can't vote for a man whose association with terrorists, and the likes of Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton would not allow him to be a member of the Secret Service and yet they are charged with his protection. Who it is still rumored was not born in the US and therefore not eligible to be president. Who wants to take money from hardworking Americans and give it to lazy bums. It is very telling that instead of exhorting people to work he prefers that they sit and do nothing and take money from those who work. If this was the attitude of our forefathers this country would still be a colony of England. One sign of the end of a great civilization is when the government becomes the re-distributor of the wealth. I guess if Obama wins that will be the end of the America the millions who fought and died to defend over the years knew and their lives will have been shed in vain.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No work, no vote

I guess I'm jumping on the band wagon of the self serving empowered lifestyle that seems to be the rage in NY and LA, where because you want it you should get it and to keep you from getting it would be rude, uncivil and some may even try to claim illegal or worse.

Well here's what I want; an end to taxation without adequate representation. Yes exactly what it says, not the battle cry of the 1776 which was "no taxation without representation" I want to add the word "adequate". I'm tired of my taxes going up to pay for welfare, for special privileges in prisons, in criminal hospitals for the insane and so on and so on in that genre of people living on the backs of hard working taxpaying citizens.

Why does this happen? Simply because we have politicians who play to the lazy and the criminal and say vote for me and I'll raise your welfare, I'll make sure you have better medical care in prison then working taxpayers can afford. These people vote them in. Your taxes and mine go up and we have no say in it. It's time we take back our country. It's quite simple, you don't work, you don't vote. Why should people who don't pay taxes have a say in where they are spent, and how high they need to be raised to keep the lazy or criminal comfortable.

You need to work a minimum of 2 years fulltime before you can vote, if you lose your job you have 6 months to find a new one, if you've retired from a life of work you continue to vote. If you become disabled and can't work anymore but had been working you keep voting. If you're a family living on 1 income both can vote. It's just the ones who won't work or can't because of crimes who aren't allowed to vote. However should they decide to go to work or when they get out of prison they go to work after 2 years they get to vote.

Honest hardworking taxpaying citizens are who made this country great and they are the ones who should reap the rewards of their labors not the lazy and criminal.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Voters = Stupidity?????

Soon it will be election day and we will see how smart or stupid American voters are and what type of memory they have if any. I'm not talking about the 2 jokes that are running for president. I'm talking about how many incumbents will keep their seats, federal and state. All that's been in the news is how they've screwed the country, how they don't do their jobs how they need to be replaced. Remember it is the Democratic Congress not the Republican President who actually makes the laws. They are the ones who have kept us in Iraq, they are the ones that filled the bailout with pork and our own Senator Dodd received special favors and is one of the leaders of the pack. Well Americans you've been screaming loud and hard for a while now. Do you just talk the talk or are you going to cowboy up and walk the walk and hand all the incumbents their walking papers? No excuses, they all go and we start fresh or just shut up with your complaints!