Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Military Honors

The expense for the “Constitution” State to bestow military honors at the funeral of a Veteran who put their life on line to defend the Constitution costs the states estimated 1.5 millions taxpayers a paltry $0.31 each. To deny this honor to Veterans over $0.31 you would have to be a scrooge, anti- Constitution and/or anti-veteran. You can decide which label fits Gov. Malloy since it is his proposal. Keep in mind since the pre-election “surplus” CT has developed a budget deficit so he now needs to cut costs. How about cutting out the so called State Grants instead? There is no such thing as a State Grant since the state only has the money it takes from taxpayers these are actually Taxpayer Grants and should be called such. From June 1 2013 to June 30 2014 Taxpayer grants to the the following four cities, Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury and Bridgeport totaled $1,174,730,957.50 costing the CT taxpayers $783.00 each. Why? Well what is a grant? To my mind it is a slush fund used by elected public officials to reward voters in areas for their support by using taxpayer money to pay for things that would not be approved by the majority of the states voters. This needs to stop. It is a warning sign of the end of a great civilization when it's citizens vote themselves the earnings of other citizens. If something is not brought before the voters to approve, they should not be taxed on it. The government should not be allowed to tax citizens just to have money to reward voters. By doing away with the Taxpayer grants to these 4 cities we could potentially have a balanced budget in 2 years and possibly a true reduction in taxes.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Brain dead elected public servants

Our elected public servants now want to hold law biding citizens who are the victim of a crime responsible for what is done with their stolen property. Specifically firearms. However based on that if money is stolen from you and used to buy drugs you are responsible. If your vehicle is stolen because you didn't secure it in a locked garage you are responsible for any accidents or crimes committed with it. Failure to secure your prescription drugs you are responsible for any deaths or crimes because your kid took them. You didn't lock up your knives forks and spoons you are responsible for anything someone does with them. You don't secure your computer someone watches porn and sexually assaults someone you are responsible. Have these elected public servants ever heard the phrase "personal responsibility?" You have committed a crime breaking into a home or business and stealing someones property why should the owner be responsible? What happens to the actual criminal. Oh I know they get accelarated rehab or short or suspended sentence so they can continue voting democratic/socialist early and often.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Part time public servants

I have a question. Why does the legislature state and federal have to meet every year? Don't we have enough laws? How many more new crimes appear every year? Or are they just slowly doing away with our Freedom?
I think being an elected public servant state or federal should be a part time job with no benefits for 5 months every 2 years. I also feel that half that time should be spent removing laws that serve no purpose except to reduce the freedom of Americans.
We have a president and governors along with more bureaucracy then we need and they can handle the 19 months without the legislature.
What it appears to me is that elected public servants are nothing more then egos in clothing and they are addicted to the power of making laws. They also addicted to be in the spotlight continually. Hence meeting yearly to feed both these addictions. We the public through our apathy and blind belief these egos in clothing have our best interests at heart and are not just taking care of themselves their families friends and most important their business partners have created a monster and the only thing we can do is vote it out. We must vote out every incumbent put in term limits remove all benefits and have them meet only for 5 months every 2 years.

Monday, March 2, 2015

No tolls in CT

The elected public servants are again talking about tolls and one article on WTNH they say CT is approved for a federal pilot program on an electronic toll system. I say No!
It is expensive to drive a vehicle, you have to pay for a license, registration, insurance is required by the state and taxed. You pay tax when you purchase the vehicle and a yearly tax on top of that not to mention one of the highest gas taxes in the country and a federal gas tax and on top of that sales tax. Don't forget emissions testing and all the repairs and parts we are taxed on. If they took all that money generated by those taxes and fees and used it strictly for the roads the roads could be heated in the winter no salt or sand needed, but no the elected public servants dump all that money into the general fund and say they have no money for road care. Yet they have money for a busway to nowhere. Well how about this idea, lets stop subsidizing mass transportation. Why should vehicle owners not only have to pay all those outrageous taxes and fees and then have higher income taxes and sales tax to subsidize mass transit? The people using it should pay for it 100%.