Sunday, February 25, 2018

Eroding Freedoms

A main issue facing America and Freedom today is that children have been being indoctrinated for years into thinking the American people are to work for what the government wants. This is totally wrong! The government is suppose to work for us. So outside of weapons of war to defend America, tanks, bombs that sort of thing any hand held firearms that the government has the legal non criminal, and those without a mental illness should be able to buy, own and carry without any permits or registration. This also carries on to other areas of personal liberty and freedom the government is constantly eroding away with their laws.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Mental health issue

The elected public SERVANTS (politicians) do not want to talk about mental health. 1) because it would bring their mental health to the forefront of discussions. 2) it would lead back to the drug cartels (sorry Pharmaceutical companies) and the their payoffs (oh sorry again their donations) to the public servants.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Biker + ATM

Biker = ATM???

Bikers are among the most generous groups of people in America. This in itself is a very good thing. The issue I see with it is that we are being used and abused by most charities out there. They care nothing about the wants, needs, life styles of bikers, they only care about us as an ATM or money machine.
Do we ever see these “charity people” at a biker event supporting bikers? No.
In the old days we took care of our own. A brother or sister went down, we set up an event to help them. A member of a bikers family had an issue got sick, lost a job. Hey, they are family we did what we could to help them out. That's what it was. A biker loved animals, or veterans and there was a local volunteer charity that needed help, a run would be setup. We all supported each other in the biker community which is how it should be.
Word of this got out and the professional scam artists, I mean the CEO's of charities making 6 figure incomes saw this and decided to give themselves a raise by tapping bikers bank accounts, the generosity of the biker community.

To this extent they hired PR people to build “fantastic must go on rides” and use the MSM to build them up. Did you ever stop and think that you pay say $50 for the driver and passenger, you get a meal, they claim its a good one with trophies and other little things. So your $50 goes for the meal, police, the CEO's salary and the salary of all the other professionals involved in the run, how much actually goes to the charity, the supposed reason for the ride?

Now what about all those other local rides, someone is sick, someone got hurt, something happened. Have they supported local biker charity events? Have they ever rode a bike? Or are they the ones that call the police and the legislators and complain about the loud pipes, the music, rides going through their towns and that bikers don't wear helmets. But let's fleece the bikers for their money.

You won't find me on any of the above rides.
In my case animals, veterans or any other all volunteer run to help a biker or the family member of a biker going through hard times, that's the ride for me.
Before you go on a ride,take a good hard look at the charity, are they local so you know where the money is going. Are they all volunteer so you know that beside the run expenses, the person, family or group the ride is being held for gets all the rest of the money. And most important are they BIKERS or BIKER FAMILY? If they are, that's the ride and group to help and support. Let the wannabees and the egotists go on the rides for the groups that look down on us until they want our money.

(Don't feel these suggestions are just for bikers. They work for all groups. The main thing is Charity Begins at Home. Find a local, all volunteer charity and support it, not the businesses that call themselves charities.)

Thursday, February 15, 2018


I'm wondering, every time there is an issue with the Clinton's, the Deep State, or the DNC that becomes “big news” some act of violence hits innocents and then the spotlight is off the real issue. Look at the shooting in FL. A registered democrat with mental health issues who was known by the government (FBI) to be a possible threat. How hard would it have been for them to push him over the edge and give him the weapons. We've already seen the corruption and the Anti-American pro Clinton's, DNC, and the Deep State within the FBI. This also gives the communists/socialists a “reason” to strip weapons from Legal Americans who love and stand for America. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. I just know we will never know the truth no matter what the MSM prints. But we should watch and keep our eyes and minds open to the fact that there are people in the USA who want us in boxcars on our way to camps.