Sunday, June 28, 2009


Maybe this whole health care issue would evaporate if we did a few things. Such as stop treating doctors as gods, put a limit on damage awards for pretty much everything. If the most you make a year is 50000 and you have 20 more years to work you get a million plus 50% more and all your medical bills or special needs are paid. That's pretty simple.

If you lose you pay all court costs and the defendant's costs that would stop a lot of frivolous suits.

But most of all I think we should go back to when doctors and pharmaceutical companies along with lawyers were not allowed to advertise.

Allowing them to advertise has down nothing more than created a nation of hypochondriacs. People actually diagnose their own ailment based on advertisements and demand treatment for that. The doctor makes money the drug company makes money and then the patient gets sick from the wrong medication, needs another doctor visit, and different medication for something that was probably nothing more than a headache to start with up go the costs.

As has been said before 'we have met the enemy and it is us'.

I got news for you, no one lives forever, you are going to die, people do get sick, there is not a cure for everything, and for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction which means it is very possible for the cure to be worse than the disease or cause a worse problem.