Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I was just emailed photos of the devastation caused by Ike and my mind went back to Katrina.

Can anyone answer me a few questions?

1) Why do we send billions in foreign that will never be paid back to Israel, Iraq, and other countries when Americans whose homes and small businesses were destroyed by natural or man made disasters have to take loans and pay them back while still supporting foreign countries?

2)Why do area's in the USA not have electricity, clean water good schools, and enough food yet our tax dollars go to make sure other countries have these basics?

3)Why do Americans go without health care when our foreign aid goes to insure it for other countries and tax deductions are given for further donations to that?

4) Why do American school children go to school hungry yet we have food drives and foreign aid to other countries?

5) Why are our tax dollars going to bail out multi-national corporations?

I can go on and on and I'm sure you could too.

Does anyone in the American Government care about Americans or America?

I think it's about time all the incumbents are voted out and term limits of about 5 years are instituted without any retirement pay or health benefits in retirement.

Well can anyone answer my questions? Remember charity starts at home and if you can't take care of your own how can you take care of others?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

American taxpayer again. Why?

American taxpayer again. Why?

Why is the American taxpayer the only one expected to pick up the pieces of the destruction of the monument to unbridled greed?

Are these companies or whatever they choose to call themselves wholly owned and operated in the United States by US taxpaying citizens? Probably not. Are they incorporated in other countries for tax purposes? Probably. Do they have foreign subsidiaries? Probably. Are they foreign subsidiaries or assets of corporations that are not based in the US? Probably. Will their collapse adversely affect the economy of every country in the world? Absolutely.

With those questions and answers in mind why is it the American Taxpayer again who is expected to sacrifice to save the world?

If the other countries don't wish to help us out in this time of crisis that is their choice. Where the money comes from in the American budget is our choice.

My strong suggestion is get the money from foreign aid. Immediately stop all foreign aid, be it to Israel, Brazil, Taiwan, Iraq, it doesn't matter what country or what amount or what it will do to the economy of that country end it immediately. What the cost of foreign aid and this bail out is doing and will continue to do to Americans is what I'm concerned with and what our government should be concerned with also.

All we hear from our elected officials is "it's a global economy". Well where is the rest of the global economy when it comes to helping with this.

I strongly urge everyone to contact our elected officials and demand they take care of America and American Taxpayers before another penny goes to foreign aid. Actually write letters and make phone calls. Show them Americans still care about America.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where is Obama's wife?

Let's see first his Preacher disappears, Sharpton and Jackson never really show up and where has Michele been. Why is everyone disappearing in his campaign. McCain's wife is out there. Palin's husband and kids are out there.They're not hiding anything. What's Obama hiding??? I heard there was a skit on SNL that was in extremely bad taste about Palin's husband. Where is the political correct police screaming about that? God forbid anything be said about Obama the PC police would hang the person(s). I'm just wondering what he's hiding? Even the Clinton's give lip service only and that's only to get help with campaign debt? So it's paid for not given freely. Why? Why is no one close to him out in the press or public? How could someone seriously consider voting for a person who hides everyone around him? Again what is he hiding and why doesn't the mainstream press ask this question? Is it because they crowned him without enough research and now they don't know how back away?Any answers?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Children $75 –Adults $2

Children $75 - Adults $2 that's what the prices should be for getting into fairs, car and bike shows, anything that interests adults. I'm trying to figure out when and how some evil children were able to brainwash some adults into thinking their job was to take care of kids rather than the other way around as it had been since the beginning of time. The movement must have started small then became a cult that took over everything. I think it's time to put things back the way they were, when all was right with the universe and children served adults.

Look at history. The first people didn't have any past experience to learn from, we've learned from them. So here they are wandering around bumping into each other and they find "wow this feels good" next thing you know here's this little kid. It looked like them but a smaller version how did this happen. It probably took a little while to figure it out but they did. The question was what to do with it. So back then there was no welfare or anything like that if you wanted to survive you pulled your weight. With that in mind they put these smaller versions of themselves to work, gathering when they were small like 2-5years, hunting after that and if they couldn't do either they could always be the bait. This worked fine for tens of thousands of year's right up until the last century. Up until then people had kids to work the farm, help in the shop or around the ranch to do things that made it worth keeping them and making more. All of a sudden this cult springs up and kids are spoiled, they are waited on hand and foot, no more being hunters or bait. This is terrible. Why should adults have to work until they are too old to do anything? They shouldn't. Society was set up and should be again to where children start working at about 5 (don't worry they don't have to drive we have mass transport) until they are old enough to have enough of their own kids who would be working and taking care of them. I figure adults should be able to retire and enjoy life from about 35-40. I can see some people have figured this out and are trying bring about a return to the old ways. You know the ones I'm talking about, the parents of celebrity children, be they in acting, sports, music what have you. They gone back to the old ways and in many cases have been successful enough to enjoy life while they can. We need to keep this movement going.

Remember "Youth is wasted on the Young". Get those kids out there in the farms and factories where they belong and enjoy your life you deserve it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama shows his true self.

Calling a woman a pig. How disrespectful can you get. I notice when he was trying to win the nomination from Hillary he was polite and respectful. Now with the nomination sewed up I guess his true personality is showing. The democrats are in a hard spot how can they support a candidate who is so disrespectful to women when half of them were supporting a woman for president. I bet a lot of them wished this came out before the convention, I'll also bet alot of them are wondering if they can recall him and put Hillary in her rightful place. If I was a woman I couldn't vote for a man who was that disrespectful. As a man I wouldn't vote for any man who would be that disrespectful of a woman, it could be my mother, my wife, my sisters or just female friends. If he is this disrespectful while he's running for office and in public how is his behavior in private and how would it be with the power of the Presidency behind him? Scary!!!! Bill may have had sex outside of marriage and as President however I don't ever remember him disrespecting women. If he has any morality or decency he would step down right now from the campaign as well as his seat in the Senate.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Who's Oprah?

I've heard the name and seen pictures, I've never watched the show. Then again I've never seen a 'reality show' or "American Idol" or anything of that genre unless I was changing channels and it flicked on for a second. I guess some people would say I must live under a rock. I say I have a life and a brain and I don't need someone telling me how I should think, who I should like, what I should eat or drink or any of that. Yes I do watch TV, I watch for entertainment, not to be brainwashed on how to think like a drone by people who somehow appointed themselves smarter, and in charge of how people should live their lives. I can think and I do. There are over 300 million people in this country and we are only told what a comparative handful of media types want us to know. So instead of watching and listening to these people I go out and meet and talk with real people, at flea markets, car and bike shows, diners, parks, animal shelters, places where people who really live are and it is so different from what these Oprah's want us to think. At least in my view. Writing and reading gives an interesting view of people. I try to guess who are the ones who watch the Oprahs and mimic them and who are individual and creative in their thinking.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Stop the Give-aways

I don't want the Obama ticket. I want to do away with welfare and taxing working people so those to lazy to work can have kids and sit around all day while the rest of us work. I want social security to only go to those who pay into it. Why should we work all our lives paying into social security only to have it given to people who never contributed so we can't retire. Cold yes. Heartless yes. Honest yes and I'm sure they are many more who feel this way. I'm tired of the government redistributing the wealth. I have no problem with programs that help educate people to get jobs or help those who are truly disabled. But it while it may be your right to have it kid it isn't my responsibility to pay for it. If you can't afford it don't have it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new America

Sarah Palin, intelligent, well spoken, Commander in Chief of the Alaskan National Guard, took on the oil companies and won windfall taxes, has Russia as a border neighbor and Canada so she understands international politics. Has children and her children have children (let's see how forgiving the christians are on this. Remember let the one without sin cast the first stone or something like that) A real American one who has had to worry about feeding the family worked real jobs as has her husband. These are real Americans, not political images that are usually run by both parties ( and are definitely being run in the #1 job by the Rep. and both jobs by the Dem's). I'm sure she never expected this nor did her family. I like the idea of having someone that I could have had a cup of coffee with or enjoyed an unscripted conversation with, down to earth and not scripted or fake being in a high or highest position in government. Sounds like a real win for the USA. And what experience is really required. Congress makes the laws, State dept handles what passes as diplomacy or foreign policy, all a President or Vice President has to do is follow scripts at affairs. Have enough intelligence to realize they don't know everything and to have experts advise them. It is a great day for America that a REAL AMERICAN is running for this position since I believe the first few elections. After which a political class of supreme and arrogant egotists arose and were crowned the royalty of America by the media (which was and still is controlled by them). This is a big as the French Revolution REAL Americans taking back their country.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The rolling roar of Patriotism

The rolling roar of Patriotism

Dear Mr. Garrison Keillor,

It is fascinating how people looking at the same event see it so differently. I am speaking of your comments on the Rolling Thunder ride to Washington DC on Memorial Day weekend. You were there in body, I was there in spirit. While I wish my body was there, you wish there were no bodies there. While American men and women roared their love and pride of America and the fallen heroes who died to protect it. You were impatient to get into a museum to gaze upon paintings by the way you spoke of you had often seen. Yet were these works of Americans? No. They were the work of artists from a country Americans had died to free from tyranny, not once but twice. Yet not a century later this country insults America, will not stand up with America against their mutual enemies. A very interesting way to show honor to America's military dead on Memorial Day.

While I can summon up images of World War II based on books , TV, movies, the image that is most prevalent in my mind is my fear as the draft lotto numbers were pulled in 1973. My number was high enough I wasn't drafted. I enlisted 2 years later. Images of that time that are still with me are watching my friends and strangers burst into tears or hysteria for reasons that only they could see after they returned from Viet Nam. Some of these as you call them "fat men with ponytails on Harleys" were there. They left part of themselves there, along with all of some friends. They are not grown men playing soldier they are men who were soldiers as children. Their courage and patriotism was tested under fire and it didn't waver. They were in DC this Memorial Day, along with the friends and families of those who never made it back and those who did, from not only Viet Nam but both World Wars, Korea, and all the other military actions before and since.

These people who so disturbed your weekend care more about America's war dead then to just sit quietly and read a book about it. They took their money, their lives and their time to come to the Capital of the greatest nation the world has ever known on Memorial Day Weekend, not to sit quietly but as the name suggests, to Roar with Rolling Thunder. To show those who could not make the trip that their loved ones who never made it back, or only made it back part way are not forgotten. To show the world that America is still here as strong and as proud as ever and we never forget our heroes.

Please enjoy your pictures and your dream of being "the boatman" and as you do remember, the mere fact that you can dream is due to the millions of Americans who gave up their dreams so you and others can.

Maybe next Memorial Day I can be there in body as well as spirit and so can you.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Barefoot & Pregnant

Barefoot & Pregnant

August 18 was the 88th anniversary of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote.

Aug 18 1920, this was after men had the war to end all wars apparently the women didn't agree ( you know how they always have to have their way) WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Grenada, 2 gulf wars and all kinds of police actions followed.

The breakdown down of the nuclear family unit something else that probably wasn't envisioned. Mom can now vote, so she can work as well so who's home raising the offspring? No one which was fine because it opened a whole new industry "Child Day Care". So instead of taking care of their own kids they want to work and what job do they take on? Watching other women's kids. Interesting thinking. In addition you now need 2 or more cars per family which has caused global warming (where was Al Gore when this was starting). With all these women now entering the work place families now have more income. Everyone needs to keep up with the Jones. Instead of the old "my dad can beat up your dad' now it's"my parents can out spend your parents" Loading the dishwasher no longer meant getting your wife drunk. It means so she has time to go to work you need to buy a dishwasher (more energy waste again global warming) and load it.

I guess we have to learn a lesson, no matter how good an idea looks on paper it takes almost 100 years to see if it was a good idea to start with.

Maybe when women got the vote since they outnumbered (and still do) men they should have voted us out of the vote and the work place and kept us home raising the kids. But what type of professional sports would America have if men were the homemakers? Ironing competition, full contact buying at sales (oh women already have that one). Let your imagination run riot.

Anyway to you Suffragettes out there congratulations on keeping the world as screwed up as it was before you got the vote.