Saturday, August 12, 2023

Our Money


Look around your house, garden, garage ,workshop, look at your store. Do you wish you had the money to improve it or do personal things just because you want to?

You're earning money but what you're paid and what your paycheck is are grossly different. 

Taxes cause that. Some taxes are necessary for police, fire,  roads etc. Let's look what's not needed. The fancy offices and town halls, schools and more. Why do they have to be so top of the line when We The People who are paying for them are barely getting by?

Pensions and top of the line healthcare for civil and elected public SERVANTS when the people paying for them aren't getting pensions or top of the line healthcare. 

Don't forget all our taxes going to charities we may or may not support. Where is this allowed in the Constitution? I thought one of the reasons religions are tax exempt was because of their income going to charities. 

Let's not ignore regulatory agencies that issue regulations/laws that have fines and punishments attached to them.  Our laws, fines and punishments are supposed to be presented to us, discussed in public forums and then our representatives are supposed to vote on them according to what We The People want.  They are not supposed to be written up privately in closed rooms by civil servants and not voted on.

People remember every time you see the words government, funded it is nothing more than a lie pushed by the government and a complacent media. It is TAXPAYER FUNDED. The government produces nothing all it does is extort taxes and fees from the citizens. Seniors and retirees who have spent decades paying into these taxes and fees should now be exempt Social Security be tax free.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Welfare is a waste


All welfare does is train people to be lazy and demand and expect support from others while they do nothing to improve their lives.

I knew a woman in the 90’s who had a daughter and was on welfare. Her daughter turned 17, got pregnant and went on welfare.

Her mother is now off welfare in her mid 30’s healthy, average intelligence, has a car Section 8 housing, food stamps and welfare money. Guess what, she;s gong to lose all that. What does she do. Goes off birth control goes back to the bars starts bringing guys home wow all of a sudden she’s pregnant with no idea who the father is so guess what she’s back on welfare.

Birth control should be mandatory for everyone on welfare. There is no reason taxpayers should have to pay for other peoples kids and give them a raise every time they have one.