Friday, July 31, 2009

Close DMV? YES!!!!!!!!!


Finally something maybe done about the most arrogant, inefficient department paid for by the taxpayers. It took long enough.

A friend bought a motorcycle and went to the Waterbury branch yesterday, I needed something at Docs right down the street so I went with him.

What a laugh and how disgusting 20 people standing in line to pick up a form, I remember when the forms were right by the front door, you grabbed one filled it out and got in line, if it was wrong they told you to re-do it or you could get it checked before you got in line, but you didn't have to stand in line to get 1 total waste of money. Why can't you download and print the form you want at home than bring it in? Because they still use CARBON paper! And the speed in which they move, wow the last glacier in CT moved faster than these people.

I spoke with a guy who said he went to New Britain to register one of those reverse trikes you know the ones with 2 wheels in the front and 1 in the rear and New Britain said it wasn't on it's approved to register list. He called the dealer who told him to take it to Waterbury they've already registered over 70. Wow not approved for CT in New Britain but approved for CT in Waterbury, and you'd think both offices would be linked to the same data base. Moronic management, closing this useless dept a long time over due.

This is the most intelligent thing I've heard come out of Hartford probably since the last glacier left CT.

State police take over licensing and registration DPW or DEP (I can't remember which alphabet soup I heard) handles inspections and consumer protection handles problems with and licensing repair shops and dealers. They even talked about putting kiosks in different malls for normal license and registration renewals.

It all sounds good to me. I mean the savings alone in manpower and keeping the buildings running will be great. I'm sure run efficiently you wouldn't need 1/2 the people.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

I have read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, it is totally disgusting how the elected aristocracy choose to ignore or reinterpret what the founding fathers of freedom wanted for future generations. Freedom doesn't exist much anymore. You can't say anything you either offend someone, are branded a racist or end up on the government's enemies list, you have to buy this gas, food, clothing, they are telling you what type of vehicles you will be able to buy. Oh let's not forget the ridiculous safety rules. This country would never have been discovered if the cowards that are running it now were in charge. Don't get me wrong on this point safety is important and people should be advised about things not ordered by the government under the guise of laws how to behave. I could continue but anyone with brains and a true belief and understanding of freedom and the fact that freedom isn't free or safe will understand. The rest they're just sheep going baa(the government is good) baa(the government is smart) baa (the government has the people interest at heart).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The FISH Cheer

How come with all the anti-Iraq war sentiment out there we didn't get any really cool protest songs like we had during Nam?

Forgotten genre? No talent for writing meaningful songs? Only allowed to write songs bean counters approve for the most buck for the note?


I still have it on Woodstock.

"Come on all of you big strong men Uncle SAM needs your help again...
Be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box...
and it's 1,2,3 what are we fighting for????"
Country Joe MacDonald

Now during that era was Patriotism of the highest sort, people disagreeing with the government and speaking out. Kids these days are nothing but sheep. They remind me of that Star Trek episode where some planet fought a war by computer if it told you you were killed you reported to a death chamber and didn't question it. Kids these days actually think the government knows what it's doing and has their best interest at heart. So sad. The ones to really blame are the parents who never taught them about true freedom, how freedom isn't safety, and as the patch on my leathers says "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE". Freedom isn't closed borders, or locked down government buildings. No; freedom is realizing you take risks but they are worth it because you choose the life you want and defend it. "Life for those who fight for it has a flavor the sheltered never taste".

Bring back America make it once again the LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE. Get out and vote. Get rid of the incumbents and bring in people who will restore America and give it back to Americans.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The useless White House

O ne
B ig
A ppalling
M istake
A merica

Hopefully we will survive this

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quotas? What do they mean to you?

Years ago in a typical government response of legislate don't educate laws were passed stating how many or what percentage of minorities vs. whites must be hired or promoted based on figures put together by statisticians. All in all a noble idea, yet when something is legislated it becomes a law and laws don't always achieve the spirit that was the thought behind them. I believe the spirit of this law was to level the playing field for jobs. Did it? Were all the minorities at the time of the passing of the law truly qualified for the positions they received based on this law? Or were people hired or promoted well above their capabilities just to satisfy the quota? If they weren't qualified doesn't that give credence to the statements that were made then and now which is 'you only got the job/promotion because of your race not because of your ability.' Is the hiring/promoting of unqualified candidates continuing now, just to satisfy quotas?

Have quotas actually done more damage than good? Have quotas become an excuse not to do ones best? Has the attitude of I'm getting the job because of the quota I don't need to study become the norm?

Do people look at minorities and say 'the only reason they have that position is their race.'? Is it because of the quota system this thinking exists? Is this true equality which what was the spirit law was looking for? Or is it only legislated equality which is only kept in place by law and not human nature and could disappear in the change of a law?

The quota system the way it is used now is actually insulting, because it presupposes that minorities cannot qualify on their own since if no minority candidate scores high enough to get the position they are required by law to be given it anyway. When in fact all it should do is insure the fairness if the testing for the position and insure no one is not allowed to take the test based solely on race.

Would we be better off doing away with quotas and letting human nature take its course? It may take another generation or 2 but then it would be real equality not legislated equality.