Saturday, February 28, 2009

Advertising in school?

Question in the paper was "Should advertising be allowed at high school sporting events?"First I thought, no we shouldn't commercialize this. Second thought was why not? For the most part the way I see sports in schools is that parents are just hoping that a kid is good enough to get a scholarship and maybe go on from there so it's already totally commercial might as well get some help with the budget.Then I thought why stop at sports, let's advertise all through the school, text books could have ads on the covers, and inside covers, put in those annoying post card things that come in magazines. Think of the potential advertising revenue in the cafeteria, place mats, signs, and don't forget those bright yellow busses. Clothing manufacturers could pay to hold fashion shows all through the year to show the newest styles. I'm sure the talented kids in the art classes, music, acting could come up with sponsors willing to advertise in their classrooms or at their events.This could be the saving of extracurricular events and it may also help the education budget if it's played right. I've no kids in the system never had so I don't like taxes going up for education so this could keep them down.:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Liberal = censorship

Why do liberals always scream so loud in an attempt to shut down any type of media that expresses views they don’t agree with? Why using the fairness doctrine are they are trying to implement censorship of the media in clear violation of the first amendment?
I believe it is because they realize that most people do not support them. Media is run on revenue pure and simple, the richest person can start any type of media outlet they care to, unless however they garner enough of an audience to pay for the outlet they will have to shut it down or go broke. It appears that right wing conservative shows have the audience needed not only to stay in business but make a profit. Where liberal/left wing shows do not. Why? Could it be that there are not as many liberals out there as they want us to believe? Could it be they are just so loud and obnoxious that people think there are so many more than there really are?
This could be why liberals and other anti-free speech individuals do their best to shut down shows that “insult them” before revenues prove either that people agree with what was said or don’t care. Imus is a perfect example of this. The liberals couldn’t take the chance that most Americans didn’t care what Imus said, that his ratings wouldn’t have dropped or worse for them his ratings may have gone up either case disproving their claim that the majority of Americans agree with them.
It’s time for America to stop bowing to the voice of the loud obnoxious few and allow the true voice of America to be heard. If what is being said in the media truly upsets the majority of Americans the advertisement revenues of the show will fall and it will go off the air. If the revenue stays the same or increases it will prove that the majority of Americans agree with what was said and it should not be censored.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cable franchises

I think we need more competition in the cable TV, phone and internet markets. Why should one company have a monopoly on certain towns, cities or counties. All the lines are strung. If one company owns the lines they can charge a small rental to other companies using them. This way consumers will have a choice. Remember true competition results in better service, more choices and reasonable prices. The bigger the better is not correct. Look at the recent merger of Pfizer 8000 people lose their jobs because 2 companies that use to compete are now one and 8000 people became redundant. Also Pfizer can now charge what they want and only make the drugs they deem necessary. Same with Wal-Mart and other large chains they are not good for consumers or the economy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Political correctness = censorship

I am so tired of reading and hearing about politically correct ways to speak, no ethnic or racial slurs, anti bullying laws. What a nation of wimps America has turned into. No wonder we’re in this economic crisis no one is allowed to speak freely. Had they been this wouldn’t have happened. Intelligent businessmen instead of knuckling under and giving mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them just because not to would have hurt their feelings would have stood up and said no, they can’t afford them. However had they done so they would have been called racists, sexists all kinds of things. They probably also would have been sued, arrested and why should they have been? Because they told the truth and a bunch of loud mouth wimps have made that illegal. This country was the greatest in the world, the most innovative; it had the best standard of living it was a model for the entire world to aspire to. That was all done without politically correct laws. People said what they wanted. Did people’s feelings get hurt sure? Mine did when I was growing up as I’m sure most people’s did. So what we grew strong we learned we could survive we didn’t run crying to mommy and daddy all the time. They wouldn’t have listened they were brought up the same way. Same with anti bullying laws total garbage. They’re just there because what passes for parents these days don’t parent. They’ve given their kids such a false sense of importance and such high esteem that when the real world challenges it they fall apart, so sad to bad. Not everyone can play sports well, draw, sing what have you, but these so called parents tell their kids they are the best at everything and when they find out they can’t they sue. Bill Gates has admitted he was pushed around in school he did alright. Time for America to grow up and bring back free speech. If you can’t handle it move to a country that has censorship. Stop trying to turn the greatest country the world has ever known into a land of wimps and a censor’s delight.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gov Rell is a joke

I just read a Quinipiac University poll that gave Rell a 75% approval rating. Did they do this poll in a mental institution? Did they interview comatose patients and fill in the answers? I know welfare crack addicts say you like her and you get your check? Or maybe the students themselves who've never had an original thought in their own heads and just do what their told kinda like Stepford Wives or zombies?
I can't believe anyone regardless of political party who has a brain and does think would consider Rell anything more then a joke and a disgrace to the state. I can't wait for her and Moody to take over Rowland's jail cell. You can't tell me she didn't know what was going on. She and Moody are probably as crooked as he was just luckier in not getting caught yet. They got Perez just a matter of time for them. Oh yeah Rowland might have been corrupt at least he wasn't stupid and incompetent.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Corporations rule America

Corporations rule America
From health care to what food we eat, what color/style clothes we wear, what books, music, entertainment we are allowed to enjoy, so on and so forth we no longer have a choice. Multinational corporations have decided for us. Don’t delude yourself it has nothing to do with what we want or what is good for us, it is all about what makes them the largest profit.
Look at prescription medications, why are they allowed to advertise? I thought you went to a doctor to be diagnosed and treated. Now it appears corporations want you to walk in and demand the medication you want. The fact it is not correct or even necessary doesn’t matter some talking head puppet on the string of a corporation in a TV ad told you that you need it. So you demand it, they get rich and laugh at your stupidity.
Take a real look at fashion. Isn’t a lot of it really ugly, unflattering? Then why do people buy and wear it? Again we are subjected to brainwashing by corporations. They put talking heads in these hideous outfits on TV, have another talking head a so called fashion expert extol their beauty and virtues and the brain washed rush to buy them. After one wearing they usually end up rotting in a closet. Though years later if any photos were taken of people wearing it becomes a source of amusement.
Vehicles are the same. They tell us what we want same as everything else.
Why? Profit. That is the only reason. The corporations have designed their products to be made in a manner that guarantees them the highest possible profit. Consumer desires, comforts, needs do not count. Only how much money they can make.
Think I’m wrong? Look at the salaries, bonuses and perks CEOs and senior executives receive. Most of them well into the tens of millions each. Then remember that for them to get that money, all the parts, equipment, employees, buildings, stockholders and whatever else it take to manufacture that product and get it into the hands of the consumer has to be paid for. The rest is their play money. Anyone but me see this as price gouging?
This is where this economic crisis came from. Pure greed, anyone one of those CEOs could have scaled back their bonuses lowered the prices of their goods and kept people employed but they don’t care about people only themselves.
So next time some talking head tries to sell you something, think do I need it, is it what I really want or am I just being brainwashed into buying something to make a CEO super rich? Then make your decision.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Spending is OK. If people took a stimulus check and bought a sound system, went on vacation, a spa treatment, a camera, whatever they spent it on with out going into debt would be good for the economy. Stupid spending, maxing out 5+ credit cards at 25% interest is part of the problem. 1 someone stupid enough to do it and 2 credit card companies being allowed to charge that interest and give out that many cards to people who they know can't afford them. Again greed how much is decent profit. Another thing is giving $500000 mortgages to people making $10-$20 an hour. Variable rate mortgages should be illegal for home owners. You get your mortgage when the interest is say 8% it costs you $1000 OK, 2 years later it's 20% costing you over $2000 and you haven't gotten a raise so they foreclose or you keep your house and starve. Again no one is protecting the consumer, they're fed high pressure sales tactics and have sold their soul. The government needs to put limits on interest rates, on how things can be sold to protect the consumer. I don't want to hear they can't, they can tell us the taxpaying voters, how fast we can drive, we need permission to add on to a house we own, to put up a building on property we own, how many hours a week we have to work to get OT, they tell us how to dress can't walk around naked or topless at a beach or anywhere yet they claim they can't put into place laws to protect us from predatory lending. Find out who's paying off what politicians to keep that from happening. Our government is the best lobbyist money can buy, they care nothing for Americans.So yes people need to spend buying something new with cash and paying down part of their debt. When you are stimulating something you are doing something, taking your stimulus check and putting it in the bank, burying it in the backyard or using all of it to payoff old debts doesn't create new jobs or keep old ones. Let the government lower taxes and become lean it is way to big and does very little for the money it gets.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why tax credits?

You need tax breaks to; keep businesses in the state or country if the taxes make it difficult if not impossible to make a profit businesses will close or move, individuals need tax breaks both sales and income to have disposable income so they will spend money, the more they spend the more jobs they save and create. The economy can only be saved by the private sector creating more jobs. Taxes do nothing, the CCC set-up after the stock market crash in 1929 was failing it was only America's entry into WWII that pulled us out of that. What type of jobs can you create with taxes that will create real income to the state? To continue as a state you can not just tax your employees to get the money to pay them. Unless the state is going to start making, computers, beer, tires some sort of consumable to sell they need to do everything they can to encourage private sector businesses. If not they have to set up an ongoing business for profit. The government is not set up for that. What we need is government realignment so we do not need as many taxes as we have. Corporations need to do their part also which is be realistic about profits. A large part of this meltdown was caused by stock traders and CEOs not being satisfied with a 5-10% profit they want 25% or more. If they didn't get it the closed that plant or store, it might have been making a 10% profit but the greedy ones wanted 25% or better so they felt it was losing 15% closed it and took away jobs. Pure greed is what caused this, a greed never seen before. It would behoove these people who make millions doing nothing to remember that money is useless unless you can convert it into something pleasurable. If you do away with all the workers who's going to create electricity, make movies, booze what have you. All you end up with is a worthless pile of paper because there will be nothing to buy with it.

Why isn't it working

If the bailout was suppose to keep business running and people employed why isn't it? We probably be better off if we gave this money to individual taxpayers and let them pay off their mortgages, credit cards and other debts then they'd have money to spend to stimulate the economy. Problem with that is it could work and take control out of the hands of the greedy CEOs and politicians that got us in this mess. I mean if we are bailing out these businesses why are they still closing and foreclosing when we are paying the bills? I'm probably missing something. I think it's time we take back our country. The excuse from the incumbents that "you need me here, I know how to fix it." is pure BS they are the reason we are where we are. If they knew how to fix it why didn't they stop it. A bunch of lying egotistical SOBs who should be impeached and tried for treason. Everyone of them is as guilty as Bush and Cheney for letting this happen.

Public Servants

When is the American voting population going to wake up and remember that our elected officials from the president on down to a selectman of a small town are PUBLIC SERVANTS and the people hired to operate the government are CIVIL SERVANTS. They are there to do the biding of the American taxpaying citizens not the other way around. We the people need to start taking back over our government and control of our government. The way to do that is to stop with party politics, we need to vote out incumbents who put the needs of other countries, lobbyists, and multinational corporations before the needs of America and Americans. It doesn't matter what party they belong to it should be America first. Start throwing them out this coming election and the ones left will get the message. Start calling and emailing them with what you want. Let them know that you know who they are and you will hold them accountable come election time if they don't start putting America first.