Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Living wage

A great deal of hostility is directed at employers for not paying a “living” wage. Is it directed at the correct people? The purpose of a business is to make a profit, to this end they watch what they pay employees, supplies etc., skill and training required by the job plays a role. Based on this they come up with a wage. Is it livable? Yes to start with. Now we come to the part of the livable wage discussion no elected public servant wants to discuss, how much money from this “livable” wage does the government take? Taxes are required to pay for certain things in society, police, fire, education, roads, libraries and should include some limited additional social services. However elected public servants public unions along with illegals and those who abuse and make welfare a career choice treat the private sector workers pay checks as ATMs. Why should public employees get pensions, be paid for lunch, better health care then private sector? Why should people be able to stay on welfare forever? Why should illegals get anything more then a ticket home? In CT alone by the Democrats own pie chart grants and non-functional services account for 40% of the state taxes taken out of a paycheck that is 5 billion dollars a year and no accountability. The feds are worse with retirement from elected public servant positions and trillions to foreign countries and illegals yet they ignore Vets and American Citizens who need help. Businesses have to pay these taxes and make a profit as well so the cost of their goods and services goes up cutting into the “Livable wage”. We should ask the elected public servants why the taxes are so high that people can't live on their paychecks.