Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm tired of pressing #1 for English

My grandparents and the parents and grandparents of many of my friends immigrated here from other countries and learned English. They learned it to become a citizen, to get a job to grow in their new country but more then that to show respect for a country that was giving them the chance for a better life then the country they came from. It appears that today's immigrants have no respect for a country that is better then the one they came from because they just want everything handed to them as if they earned it. Guess what just immigrating here doesn't earn you anything. You have to work for what you get. Yes I am saying the United States of America is better then whatever country you came from. The USA gives you the chance for a better life, a chance to be yourself a chance for freedom in thought ,word, religion and more. If your home country gave you all that you wouldn't be here so the USA is the best.I don't like all what I consider useless laws that the government keeps instituting or writing just to satisfy or shut up squeaky wheels without even considering who it benefits. This is suppose to be a country of majority rule so if a law doesn't benefit directly a minimum of 40% of the population our tax dollars shouldn't even be used to consider it. The one law I think that should be instituted because it benefits probably 90+% of the taxpaying legal US citizens is all phones, ATM's, self checkouts anything that is public must be in English without having to push any buttons or ask for it. It is in English from the start, you have to push buttons or ask or whatever they may require for any other language that company may wish to offer. With a very hefty fine for non compliance. It's time Americans took back our country from the multinational corporations who want to blur national boundaries in their unbridled greed which was proven by them and the Unamerican Americans who caused this massive financial crisis.Bring back America.

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