Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm Tired

I’m tired of hearing about the rights of illegal aliens who have no right to be here.

I’m tired of hearing about the rights of prisoners who are incarcerated because they violated the rights of others.

I’m tired of hearing about the rights of welfare recipients who never contributed to society yet expect society to take care of them.

I’m tired of the rights of politicians to receive retirement from an elected position and better health care and pay then the average taxpayer.

I’m tired of my tax dollars going to other countries when they should take care of themselves.

I’m tired of America playing the world’s policeman and wasting the lives of American youths and tax dollars with no benefit to America.

Now I have questions.

When did I and tens of millions of taxpayers lose the right to keep the money we earn?

When did I and tens of millions of taxpayers lose the right to better ourselves and our families financially and materially?


America was built on the American dream of building a better and more comfortable life for ourselves and our families through hard work, when did that change? Maybe when people who were too lazy to work for themselves started electing politicians who would steal from the working taxpayers under the guise of taxes and give it to themselves and the lazy? I read that one major sign of the death of a great nation/civilization was when people started voting themselves money. I think we’re there.

What incentive do I or any taxpayer have to work harder, more hours, go for a promotion anything that we use to do in the past to better ourselves? None, not when all that will happen is more money will be taken out of our pay to better the lives of those I mentioned earlier. What inventions are being lost, what great strides in life are not happening all because people who are lazy feel they are entitled to the same lifestyle as people who work for what they want and they keep electing politicians who take from the workers and give to the shiftless.

This needs to stop or America is dead.