Saturday, November 14, 2009

Boycott self service checkouts.

As much as I enjoyed using the self service check out at the few big box stores I shop in, after thinking about it I stopped doing it. All that self service checkout does is depersonalize more of our lives and it increases the bottom line of the greedy bean counters at the expense of a human to be able to earn a paycheck and feel like a contributing member of society, I am not discussing the pay scale just the fact of how working helps build ones self esteem. So I go to a check out line with a human being, and if they ask me why I say the job I may save maybe mine someday because as long as people are employeed they can and will buy goods and services so my job depends on others buying things.

I can't understand the thinking of bean counters and greedy CEO's if you keep replacing human workers with machines who is going to have the money to buy your product or service?