Wednesday, January 24, 2018

No Tolls

This talk about tolls is just more proof of the incompetence of the CT legislature under Gov. Malloy and the democrats. It is nothing but tax and spend. Vehicle owners pay a sales tax when they purchase the vehicle, yearly taxes to towns and cities, taxes on the tires, repairs and maintenance of the vehicles and one of the highest gas taxes in the country. Despite all that instead of operating as a private company which can not just arbitrarily raise rates so they look for cost cutting methods all the CT legislature does is take more money from the workers with no concern what it does to their families budget and their lives.
I think it is time the Mass Transit system and the busway to nowhere starts paying for itself. I don't mean a profit, however it should cover all its own expenses without using taxpayers dollars. All its vehicles, salaries, fuel, maintenance and money for the up keep of the roads should be covered by the fares charged. If routes don't cover their costs they need to be eliminated, or if other routes make more than enough to cover themselves that money could be used for the lower performing routes. This is business 101 you have to make enough money to cover your expenses,apparently our democratic lawmakers never took the course or if they did they flunked it. It is time the middle class workers in CT got a break. The American Dream was to be able to better yourself, in CT that is not true all the democratic lawmakers here do is find ways to make sure we will never achieve the American Dream through their Tax and spend attitude.