Sunday, March 22, 2009

Totally fed-up

I can't remember ever seeing such widespread disgust and anger with the government, it crosses all lines, age, sex, political party it seems everyone is fed-up.
Don't compare this to the protests in the Nam era they were just against the war.
The feeling right now is we the people have been betrayed by our own. Politicians have committed treason against the US by giving away our jobs, by ceding control of our lives to multinational corporations who don't care about US citizens. They have created a ruling class of bankers and money movers who have no skills other then to take what others have made, built, or saved and give a false value high or low depending on what they require to keep the populace under their control. These people do nothing. The true workers of America the factory owner, the assembly line worker, the mom and pop store owner, construction workers and many more of the same have been insulted, under valued, robbed of their heritage, their birth right their very lives by people who look down on honest work and use them only for their own gain.
What good are bankers and stock brokers if America produces nothing? This stimulus package would have been better served if instead of giving it to the banks and investors it was given to manufacturing firms directly to keep them producing, to store to keep them selling and allow them to pay payback the banks themselves, and by keeping people employed it would have kept the economy moving. No our politicians gave it to their friends who then gave it to their friends in other countries. So our politicians have indentured America's future generations to provide the wealthy across the world their comforts.
Totally disgusting if 1 incumbent retains their seat after the mid-term elections it will be an insult to America and to the millions of Americans who have died to protect her.:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why not tax religion?

Why not tax religion. Don’t say the first amendment says you can’t because it doesn’t. The first amendment prohibits congress from making any laws that prohibits or restricts the practice of a religion it does not prohibit taxing religion. That same amendment protects the freedom of the press and speech yet each are taxed. No sales tax on newspapers or other media yet all the equipment and raw material used in the production is taxed. Free speech is taxed, try to make a phone call without paying taxes, which may actually be illegal since it restricts the use of a phone to someone who can afford the taxes, which possibly could be applied to the press since if they can’t afford the taxes that is a restriction placed against them by the government. Don't forget paying for an assembly/parade permit.Religions use the services of the government why should they be free?Besides organized religions mainly the Christians are doing their best to control the US government and all the citizens by having their supporters vote in their religious rules as secular law, which to me is not right. If I want to follow Christian doctrine I’ll become one. So to these religious leaders it not alright for the government to tax them or tell them what to do but it is ok for them to shove their religion down others throats through secular law. I don’t think they should have it both ways. They want to make laws they pay taxes. They keep their religion out of secular law we leave things alone. What do you think?

Abolish gun control

Crime seems to be getting worse and the cops can't be everywhere to protect people, people need to start being able to protect themselves and their loved ones. Just think had a someone being carrying a gun maybe that preacher would still be alive, maybe those 10 people wouldn't have been killed because someone could have defended themselves. Criminals love gun control because it makes honest taxpaying citizens nothing more then prey.I say if you are not a felon and over 18 years (military age) you should just be able to walk in a gun store buy a gun and strap it on and walk out. All the store should have to do is run your name thru the cops. No gun registration, no permits, just like the old west when women and kids were safe anywhere because the criminals knew that anyone could be armed.And if a taxpaying citizen shoots a criminal in the commission of a crime no arrest, no lawsuits just file it under did society a favor and get on with life.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rush scares democrats

Rush Limbaugh the god of the republican party in his own mind has truly ascended to that position in reality thanks to the democrats. The democrats realizing that they screwed up big time with Obama, Pelosi and Clinton running the country right down the toilet with their insane policies on money, big government and loss of freedom have seen that Rush is galvanizing the middle class into action so they are trying to shut him up. However they are using the same lack of intelligence in their attempt to shut him up as they showed by letting Pelosi who comes from a state that is bankrupt due to the stupidity of their laws out there guide this country. Talk about taxing the rich I guess it doesn't happen in CA if it did why is the state broke with all those celebrities? I never listened to Rush in my life I'm going to start just to help his ratings. If Rush is wrong in his ideas why are so many people starting to listen to him? If he is so wrong in his ideas and the democrats are so correct won't that just become apparent as the country emerges from this problem? If the democrats are correct in what they are doing Rush's popularity and following will disappear as he is proven wrong. That's what should happen, however since the democrats know what they are doing is wrong and not working, they are trying to shut him up so that they won't be soundly defeated in the mid-term elections. Long speak Rush.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Oh My God

It took FDR letting Pearl Harbor be bombed so we would get into World War II. The New Deal all the WPA projects the CCC weren't working and they won't now. Governmental projects do not keep an economy growing they may give a jolt like one of those energy drinks but it drops down lower then before when it wears off. We went into this tailspin once it became apparent that with Obama, Pelosi, and Clinton were going to win and with them in power no business could survive in the US so the businesses bailed and took the world down with them. I only hope we can survive this administration and then bring back into power people who will build up America and jobs again. Even though I am disgusted with the money these CEOs made I keep in mind one thing up until they started getting the money from the bailout the only reason they made that much was they ran multi million/billion dollar companies and employed millions of people. That's what the republicans bring to the table JOBS in the private sector that perpetuate themselves. The democrats bring unemployment, short term jobs in the government that end when the project is done and a third world country. I for one would rather have the CEO of my company making millions and myself employed along with many others than have the CEO taxed and vilified so badly that millions of us lose jobs to satisfy the egos of Obama, Pelosi and Clinton.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do we get our monies worth from our taxes?

What do I really get for the thousands of dollars I pay in tax. Police, fire if I need them. I don't have kids in the schools so that's out. Plowing during storms. I pay for people to collect my taxes. They want to put tolls back on the roads where is the gas tax going? What else? I have insurance through my employer. What else do we get for the amount of money we as working American taxpayers pay? Do we get fair value for what we pay in taxes? And now they want to raise them.If we got from a private concern what we get from our government would you be satisfied with it for the money we pay in taxes?