Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bullying is OK

America is becoming nothing more then the land of wimps and cowards. Bullying is a normal if not nice side of nature and not just human nature it has been around since the beginning. Morons now think they can outlaw it and everything will be fine that is so wrong and is one of the causes of school shootings and other senseless act of violence we hear about. When you protect kids from bullying you take away their learning of the skills needed to deal with it. We had bullies when I was growing up and we learned either stay away from them or a group joined up and dealt with them. We also learned by being bullied that we were not the toughest, smartest most athletic or whatever else we may have thought we were our egos got bruised and we ran home and cried or ranted to our friends but we got tough and we learned that "sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me" and guess what they don't to this day. We grew up in the 60's and 70's and had our fist fights and yelling matches but we didn't shoot up the school and the cops weren't called and we didn't go into lock down. You take a kid now a days his parents have told him from the womb he(she) is great goes to high school with the mistaken notion he is the best singer, artist what have you and the teachers tell him he is not. Bang no coping skills he goes gets a gun and wipes out kids and teachers and everyone wonders why. Answer is easy the kid was lied to from the beginning about how good and talented he was, he never heard the truth or had to deal with anything. Take it a step further he makes it through school and gets a job and the boss (they never bully) tells him he's not up to standard, he's not good enough something along those lines bang office massacre. All because misguided idiots want to "PROTECT" someone instead of letting them grow up normally with all the pain and heartache that goes with it.