Wednesday, December 9, 2015

CT needs to be run like a private company

Well it appears our elected public servants have found only $350 million dollars to cut out of a $20 billion dollar budget and feel this is the best they can do.
Well I as one of their employers don't agree and have another idea. I think it is time we bring in a business efficiency company to evaluate the all the state agencies and departments. I suggest asking GE, Aetna, and UTC who they would suggest as the best efficiency expert company in the private sector that has no connection to any government employee or appointee. Perhaps one or all three of these companies have in house efficiency experts that they would “loan” to the state. It is my belief the government is top heavy with too many political appointees along with directors, managers, assistants and assistants to assistants and so on, and these experts would pick up on that quickly. This group of efficiency experts would not operate in secrecy all their meetings and reports be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly would be open to the public and provided complete to the media and to the citizens of the state via the internet with no censoring, CT is not DHS, or any agency that would require that for national security. I think that once the final report is in and acted on not only will we have a balanced budget but probably lower taxes. It is time the state is run like a business and our elected public servants are given guidance via the experts on how to do so and held responsible to insure it is.