Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where the money goes

According to an article in a paper recently we pay our elected representatives in Hartford approximately $38000 per year. That does not appear to be an exorbitant amount but is probably more then they’re worth since they need to hire advisors at approximately 3 times that salary to do the their job. The paper reported the new Speaker of the House (at $38000) hired as his advisor the former Speaker of the House for $120000 per year. If the speaker was not up to the position why did he not say so and relinquish it to someone who could handle it. The article stated that this is not the only advisor hired by our representatives. Somehow I don’t think this cost is coming out of their pockets.
In this economic climate this is almost criminal. This time last year the Governor was announcing a $600 million plus surplus, now a billion dollar deficit. Nice job she’s done of running the state.
I couldn’t understand where the money from the income tax went, along with the sales tax, let’s not forget the lotto, and how about the $500 million per month or better from the casinos, car registrations, all those license fees and permits. Now I know, to hire advisers. That’s probably just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. At least the gentlemen mentioned early are not related to each other, but how many other “advisors” or “consultants” are nothing more than nepotism?
This governor and legislature owes the hardworking, over taxed taxpayers a clear and transparent accounting of where all the income received by the state is spent before they should even mention increasing any taxes or fees. If the legislators can’t do the job replace them don’t hire advisors on state pay.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Watch the government

Think about it. Politicians of both parties are completely in bed with the wealthy and the corporations. How else does someone with the income of a federal legislator become a millionaire in a year? Who pays for the junkets? Think about it? What do politicians truly do that benefit the people unless they get something from it?Both parties love us blaming the other because it helps keep incumbents in office. Because as that person whose picture you'll see in the dictionary under self-centered egotistical arrogant a** lieberman, whose comment when he lost the democratic primary was " I'm the only one who knows what's best for America so I'm running as an independent". The other comment they all love is "you need me here I know how to fix this problem". They were there and caused the problem and if they didn't cause it and they know how to fix it why did they let it happen? It doesn't matter American voters with a collective IQ of zero vote their party and keep the problem in place. Vote them all out and put in term limits no retirement and 5 years before they can go into any type of a lobbying position. As far as the crisis goes check past laws put in by the democrats to force mortgage lenders to give a certain percentage of the money to low income people and areas. Despite the fact that unscrupulous real estate people falsely inflated the values how could someone making $8-12 and hour afford an $250000+ house? They can't but the government said you had to give it to them.All that aside if the voters don't start paying attention and voting in safeguards to our freedoms who is going to protect us from the government.Might I suggest a re-read of the Declaration of Independence. What is really different now? It is not taxation without, it is unjust taxation with representation.Think about the government not the political parties.

How democrats get elected.

Democrats keep getting elected because they continue to promise to give free money (taken from working people so I don't see how it's free) to those who don't deserve it and abuse it. Make one payment on something that should be enough. Gee that guy over there who has worked and saved since he was a teenager has a house, nice car and toys. I haven't done anything but hang out get arrested, sponge off society by living on welfare but I deserve what he has without working for. Democratic politician give it to me and I'll keep voting you into your cushy job and retirement. You got it. Hey bought and paid for voter I gave it to you, how come you didn't keep it? Oh I see the evil corporations actually wanted you to keep paying on it like responsible people do. Now there taking it back from you. We'll figure something out. Oh a government bailout to the corporations so that you can keep your stuff along with people who have actually worked and paid for theirs. I see, that's what helping the poor, dull, lazy and ignorant means. If you're to lazy to work for it the democratic politicians will give it to you so keep electing them and breaking the back of actual working taxpayers. Great country, yeah right for everyone except working taxpayers.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kinda curious

Is there anything anyone can say that doesn't offend someone else?If you don't let me say what I want or feel I need to say you are hurting me, offending me and insulting me. Yet if I say it I'm hurting someone. Who's feelings are more important? Why does it appear the person being spoken to has feelings more important then the person stating their thoughts or feelings? I'm talking about the politically correct police out there. You said her dress made her look fat I'm going to sue you and they win. Let's look at nationality, racial and ethnic comments and slurs. Why are these outlawed? Isn't it better to know how people truly feel about you even if it stings a bit then get stabbed in the back from anonymous sources? I was insulted many times due to my nationality growing up and still at times now. Oh well sticks and stones and all that stuff. My view is that the PC stuff was started by closet racists who wanted cover for their racism. All they've done is come up with different ways to keep people they don't like out with out using race.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Too much government????

Do we really need all the government and laws we have?Look at all the money that comes out of our pockets in the form of taxes, do we really get our money's worth? Or is a lot of the money spent to quiet special interest groups that don't have enough people supporting them to have a majority yet are so vocal (like babies crying) the politicians give them what they want? They give them what they want to shut them up and secure votes for the next election.Do we really need seatbelt laws? How about laws making people shovel sidewalks the government put in, don't we pay taxes for public works? How about laws stating how large the writing must be showing gas prices?Any others you can think of?I realize we need certain laws to keep civilization going but when is enough enough? Why don't they make laws for terms limits? Laws prohibiting raising taxes without referendums, really when our costs go up we can't demand raises from our employers, so why should our employees (the politicians) just take what they want from us?What do you all think?