Friday, March 25, 2011

They need lives

Wow on the way to work I heard some DJ say something about a group of people whose lifelong ambition was to be a "Reality Show Contestant" OMG If that is the most someone can aspire to and other people think it's a good thing what does that say about this culture?

When I was growing up people wanted to the usual doctor, teacher, baseball player rock star, real occupations I felt there was hope for the world. Reality show contestant!!! Now I'm hoping the world ends quickly and painlessly.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Subsidizing = Socialist



All I've heard from Gov. Malloy is raise taxes. Some murmurs of spending cuts however apparently nothing of substance otherwise there would no talk of tax increases. In addition worse than increases he wants to tax things that were never taxed before.

He wants to bring back tolls. Why? When we purchase a vehicle we pay sales tax, then we pay yearly property taxes, add in another state tax under the guise of vehicle registration, having to pay for a driver license and let's not forget the sales tax state and federal for gas. Why should we now have to pay more to live the American dream?

Here is an idea stop subsidizing bus and rail transport. Why should the taxes of people who drive their own vehicles go up so that people who ride the bus and train don't have to pay the true cost to operate the systems?

I think it's about time the government stops subsidizing programs and not just bus and rail. I'm sure we the taxpayers could come up with a list of subsidized programs that if cut most if not all taxes would not have to be increased and possibly the income tax could be repealed. Having the people who use the service pay for it in full seems to me to be a fair and equitable solution. Having taxpayers who rarely if ever use a system pay for it seems to be what a socialist government would want.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Illegal is Illegal

Very simply put if something is illegal it is illegal so why are our elected servants trying to give our tax dollars away to allow illegal immigrants reduced tuition to go to college?

They are ILLEGAL they are not suppose to be in this country let alone getting benefits from the already broken backs of taxpayers.

Why should an illegal get a break when a taxpayer has to go into debt to put his legal American kids through college? Oh and don't forget his taxes will go up to put the illegal's through college while he goes broke. Great country America I guess unless you're a taxpaying citizen then all you do is get screwed.

Both sets of my grandparents came through Ellis Island legally if you can't be bothered to do that you should be put on the next plane back to your home country, that is due process. You are here illegally you are deported the minute you are picked up it's over and done and we'll charge you home country with the flight and any benefits medical or otherwise you stole from the American Taxpayer and let them deal with you. And make no mistake if you are illegal and you get services reserved for legal taxpaying citizens you are a thief and guilty of theft.

Oh wow if we throw all the illegal's out who is going to vote for Destefano, Malloy, Finch or obama? Maybe we'd get America run by Americans back.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Right to Free Speech

The Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment the right of free speech.  To me that is a good thing.  What I was taught in school is that no matter how abhorrent what you are saying is to me I should fight and defend your right to say it, because if they take that right from you how long until they start telling me what I can and can't say.

I totally disagree with and cannot stomach the evil twisted "Christians and Christian church" that sanctions such hate and evil, yet I'm glad the Supreme Court up held their right so now the public can see them as the sick, evil twisted people they are. 

Maybe now we will get away from censoring books and plays because they use words that today do not fit under the censorship that goes under the guise of political correctness.  And that is all that political correctness is censorship.  Pretty soon under PC 9/11 will just be a figment of Americas twisted mind the same as the Holocaust is just the fantasy of the Jews.  PC is bad because people hide behind it, or it promotes backstabbing because people keep their true feelings hidden and no one knows who is a true friend or not.  Back when I grew up you knew who didn't like certain races or ethnic backgrounds so you knew who was who the real person not someone hiding behind a PC mask.  PC is censorship stopping a play or a movie or banning a book is censorship no matter how abhorrent the content.  Let people read, see and hear everything and make up their own minds, that is the only way racial and ethnic harmony will be achieved if it ever will be, all laws do is force racism underground where it festers until it explodes.