Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Phil Robertson

Let's get one thing straight, Phil Robertson's First Amendment Right to Free Speech was not violated. No government agency federal or state arrested him, stopped his words from being published or broadcast or forbid him from speaking them.
What happened is he is feeling the consequences of what he said. Does he deserve these consequences? According to today's media or press yes he does. So now the question is does the media accurately represent the views and feelings of the majority of the American public? Or do they represent a minority that is inflated to claim to represent the majority? If they they only represent an inflated minority why do they hold such control? Is it because they are the only game in town? Or is something more subtle? Is it that the American public has been trained/brainwashed over decades of TV watching into thinking that celebrities (TV news talking heads) actually are intelligent and have the best interest of America at heart? I think that the leftist media scares companies by claiming that the company will lose money by backing or promoting people who go against what they want. The way to prove this true is for the company to actually lose money following the media's advice. Will that happen? Are Americans so much like the sheep they are being compared to more and more that because of TV they can no longer think for themselves? It is time to start standing up for America with you pocket book and wallet. Stop watching leftist media, stop watching TV shows and movies that star leftist actors and actress. Stop shopping in stores that support leftist beliefs. Stop buying insurance from leftist owned companies. Start showing the middle of the road businesses that the leftist media is wrong, that we will support with our pocketbooks and wallets those businesses that stand for and support The United States of America it's Constitution and the Rights and Freedoms it guarantees and that we will not support those that are against America. We need a list of all the businesses that stand with and against Freedom and we need to get that to our friends and supporters.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Right to bear arms

I just found an old permit from 1989 and on it states “This certifies the person named above has a legal RIGHT to carry pistols and revolvers within this state. Commissioner Department of Public Safety.”
Why was that taken off future permits? I think it should be put back on them. It affirms the fact that the State of Connecticut recognizes the RIGHT of and individual to bear arms. It is not a drivers license which despite what many think is only a privilege bearing arms is a right and our elected public servants need to be reminded of this and if they don't support it they should be voted out.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Malloy's friends?? Or fiends??

They say you learn a lot about a person from their friends. I think you learn a lot more about a person from who their enemies are. Enemies are real and defined you don't say you are someone's enemy unless it is 100% true. That being said the moral and ethical fiber of a persons enemies tells you what the person is like and it's usually 100% the opposite, this is one time those 2 don't attract. That being said look at malloy's enemies. Usually honest, hard working, taxpaying legal citizens, or the type of people most of us would like to call friends. So who are his friends? Or does he have any? Are the people most thought of to be his friends just users like him? Using him to legalize their criminal behavior? Using him to continue using welfare as a career choice? Doesn't sound like anyone I'd want to be my friend. But hey he's malloy a legend in his own mind and if being known to be the same as the people others think are his friends he's happy far be it from me to deny him his right to be thought of as a criminal or moocher or other useless dreg of society.

Democrats enslave minorities

It is very sad how the democrats, liberals and wanna be do-gooders actually hold down the people they claim they want to help.  Human nature being what it is, a sense of accomplishment in earning what a person has brings on a feeling of self esteem that grows in a person, bringing them pride and dignity in themselves and their ability to do something on their own.  The passing of the bill that provides licenses to illegal immigrants is just one more way the democrats have taken away the personal dignity of minorities in that what the bill truly says is that you are not good enough to do this on your own so we will take care of it for you.  Welfare is exactly the same thing it is the democrats/liberals telling people that they are useless and can’t take care of themselves so the they the liberals will.  Here’s your money never try to better yourself just keep re-electing us and we will keep sending you money and keep you from reaching your true potential.  Liberals have enslaved generations of low income people by this method.
Republicans and capitalists on the other hand have said work and earn the things you want. While all of us can't be millionaires all of can have the self esteem and pride that comes with doing and earning for ones self.
It is time the Democrat elected public servants start helping people find work, pride and self esteem by making Connecticut employer friendly so that private sector jobs will increase instead of enslaving them to the welfare check to keep their own elected positions secure.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Road use taxes?

Bridge collapses out west.  We have pot holes big enough to swallow cars.  Exactly what does the government do with the gas taxes, the taxes on the trucks, the registration fees and all those other fees and permits they charge for trucks and other vehicles to use the roads?  I'm guessing it's not maintenance like it was suppose to be.  Probably into the black hole of social programs to buy their votes in the next election.

Question for immigrants

I have a question for immigrants legal or illegal. You immigrated to my country because the country and government you lived in didn't give you the rights, freedom, money, lifestyle, opportunities or something you wanted that my country America offers. So why when you get here do you want to change America into the 3rd world backwards country that you left because you didn't like it? It's up to you to change not us. We still (somehow despite the present regime) are the best country in the world for freedom and opportunities so if that's what you want, you need to change not America or Americans.
If not leave go back to where you came from. This is America.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taxes or theft

It is not the right or job of the government federal or state to be the equalizer of the personal finances of working, taxpaying citizens. The U.S. Was founded as a capitalistic economy where everyone has the right to make money, to buy things that they can afford and as such not buy things they cannot afford.
40% plus of our state taxes go into that vast black hole called “Social Programs”. What programs? How many of these programs are charities that I and other taxpayers would not contribute to? What right does the government have to steal money from working people to fund charities they don't support? Add to that the punitive taxes put on gasoline, heating oil, cigarettes, liquor, all the “evil” things do-gooders want us to stop using or using as much of as we do. They don't have the courage to outlaw these items so they just tax them excessively as to limit their use.
Are these “Social Program” taxes legal according to the U.S. Constitution? Is it legal to steal money from people to support charities they don't believe in or support? Franklin Pierce (14thPresident) didn't believe so when he vetoed a bill with charitable purposes and the veto stood. It is the government's job to provide for (not promote) the “general welfare” of the people which is police, fire, education, roads, etc.. It has now been expanded to include food, shelter and clothing which at this time are needed. But are cell phones? And now expanded to charities in apparent violation of the constitution? Why? I think it is time this is looked into.
Let's now look at the punitive taxes. Penalty vs. tax. What right does the government state or federal have to penalize people for legal activities? I don't believe they have that right. Either make that activity illegal or treat it as all other legal activities with the same tax requirements. Which brings to mind the question, if they achieve their goal and end or severely reduce the use of these items where will the tax money come from to replace this money.
I believe these are valid questions and we the taxpayers of CT deserve answers from our tax and spend democratic controlled legislature and governor who give no thought to how it affects the workers who earned the money to provide the best for their family.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Taxpayer Grants

To paraphrase an old movie 'what we have here is a failure to communicate accurately'. Politicians, do-gooders and control freaks all want to slant things their way. Hence the reason for political correctness because it is just another way to hide or confuse the truth.
For generations Americans have been fooled, deluded and hoodwinked by our elected public servants through the use of their terminologies. One that comes immediately to mind is federal, state or local grant. These are usually used to fund projects that most taxpayers would object to supporting normally as useless wastes of money such as busways to nowhere, studying the way leaves fall from trees things of that nature. Wake up taxpayers there is no such thing as a federally, state or locally funded grant! There is only our tax money used to fund these useless projects under the euphemism of “grant”. I saw the pie chart on where our CT tax dollars are spent and started wondering how much of our tax dollars are spent under the guise of state grants for projects that otherwise wouldn't have been done because of their uselessness?
Connecticut is in the midst of a financial crisis and while financial transparency should be the rule of law for the state right now it is paramount that we the taxpayers know where every dollar they are taking from us is used. It should all be laid out in plain nonpolitical speech so that every taxpayer can understand and then all grants should be put to a popular vote at election time.
It is time that the elected public servants,their appointees and the state workers become completely accountable to the taxpayers of the state.
Also let's start calling the grants their correct name “Taxpayer Grants”.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cold Heartless Dan Malloy

I am embarrassed to be a citizen of the State of Connecticut.  It is not because of the vote on the second amendment.  I am embarrassed that our state and myself are represented on the national and international level by Daneel Malloy. The governor of a state should be a person of high integrity high moral fiber, a person of compassion and humanity a person who puts others and the state before self and Dan Malloy has proved since the shooting at Sandy Hook he is none of these.  He has proved to be a self serving egotist who puts himself and his political agenda over and above the needs and the concerns of others specifically in this case the families who lost children, spouses and loved ones at the hands of a deranged lunatic.    Anyone who has lost a parent, a spouse or a sibling knows firsthand that pain, and the loss of a child is unbearable.  In the very beginning it helps to have people constantly around but after a week or so you need your privacy so you can grieve on your own, start trying to come to terms with the unimaginable.  Did Dan Malloy give these poor people any time to grieve?  A resounding NO is that answer.  He saw only his own political agenda and a way to use these grieving parents and survivors as his way into the national and international spotlight.  So while mouthing worthless platitudes and words of comfort that were nothing more then actors do on stage he for the four  months  since the incident has done nothing but use these poor people as a circus act in which he is the ringmaster.  Had he had one ounce of humanity or compassion in him he would have allowed these people the time to mourn, a time to be by themselves and their surviving loved ones.  But no he wouldn’t do the decent human thing because to do that would have removed him from the spotlight.  His political agenda would have had to wait a year maybe longer and people would have cooled down and he would not have the national and international spotlight on him the great Daneel Malloy.  Instead of allowing them to heal he risked these souls very sanity by not allowing them their time under professional care to deal with this unimaginable event to keep himself in the spotlight.  I would wager these poor souls don’t even know rationally what is happening.

It horrific to watch what he has done to these survivors.  I can only pray that over time they can find some peace and that Dan Malloy and other like him leave the survivors in peace to get the professional and personal help they need.

I also hope the nation and the world do not judge the citizens of Connecticut by the behavior of one cold hearted egoistical compassionless man we have the misfortune of having as governor.  

Regardless of your political leanings or your feeling on guns if you have a shred of humanity and compassion in you for the survivors of Sandy Hook you should be as disgusted and appalled at the behavior of Dan Malloy and the other politicians that worked with him as I am.



Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gov. I luv Taxes Malloy

Governor (I luv taxes) Malloy is attempting to put another nail in the coffin of the American Dream with his plan of eliminating the motor vehicle tax collected by towns and cities.  While I detest paying taxes as much as anyone this tax was one of the last bastions of the American Dream in that it was collected and spent by the town, it was not thrown in to the general fund to provide for the vast black hole of state programs. 

The American Dream was to better yourself and your family and for a period during our countries history you were able to do this.  During that time people in smaller towns interpreted this to mean they could better their lives in their town by having a tax rate that allowed them to have better schools, police and other municipal services then in cities.  This attracted others to the smaller towns for the better and more personalized services they would get and yes their taxes may have been higher than if they stayed in the cities but they were following the American Dream and making a better life for themselves and their families and if it cost them more they accepted it. 

Fast forward to now.  Cities can no longer support themselves if they ever could.  Democratic politicians have enslaved generations of city dwellers to vote for them by fostering the belief that they are “entitled” to the same quality of municipal services that smaller towns have without having to be taxed at the rate needed for those services.  They did this by taxing the working people no matter where they live to pay for these erroneous entitlements.  Still cities are broke and it is getting worse so Gov. I luv taxes Malloy is trying to do an end around to get more money to pour down the black whole, because make no mistake if this passes you will still pay taxes on your motor vehicle because you will no longer have that deduction to take on your income taxes so you will pay you just won’t have a say in where the money is spent that you would have if it was left in your town.

Tell Gov I luv taxes Malloy that you LUV the American Dream call your state reps and tell them to vote against this and for the American Dream.