Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quality vs Quantity of Life

I'm not in the health care field.
I believe in the quality of life not the quantity. My father was in an accident that left him paralyzed, he didn't want to live on machines. He did not have a living will. I tried to respect his wishes but was not able to because of other family members so instead of dying in a few days he suffered for 10 months not being capable of doing any of the things he was looking forward to do in his retirement. That in my mind was causing harm to a person. That is prolonging life just because we have the technology to do so. It doesn't help anyone in my mind. I wouldn't want to live brain damaged or paralyzed or many other ways. However that's me and I am aware of the legalities involved.
I can't understand why religions which promise a heaven for a good decent life here on earth would rather keep a person alive and suffering rather then letting them go to their reward. Or is it that they're not sure there's a heaven?
The other thing that upsets me greatly is that prisoners, illegal immigrants and the poor get free medical care for almost anything yet if you have a home a bank account or anything like that they take it from you. What's the point in being "cured" if you have no place to live and no money to live on. You work all your life to have something to retire to and leave to your kids and it's taken from you. Yet your taxes pay for these other peoples care and you're left with nothing. Taxpayers should have all their medical bills paid for at age 65 and never have to worry about losing a thing. Actually a US citizen taxpayer should never have to give up a home or bank account or anything like that for medical care no matter what their age. I mean federal Senators and Congressmen our "Public Servants" get that benefit after 1 term in office at any age. Why shouldn't the people who are paying for it get the same when they retire or become to ill to work or can't afford the treatments?
Time to start taking back our country.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jodi Rell the Incompotent

Does this governor have any idea what she's doing? We go from a large surplus, to no surplus, to a deficit and now back to a small surplus. I know that wouldn't be tolerated in the private sector.What about the cost overruns at the rail center. Didn't it almost double the cost? How about the failure to supervise the work on 84 in Waterbury and Cheshire where the contractor didn't connect the storm drains. What happened to the DOT personnel who didn't supervise it? They proved they couldn't supervise the number of people they had, so they get rewarded by being given more people not to supervise. Connecticut receives $90 million plus a month from the casinos that's a billion dollars a year where does that go? Why is Lisa Moody still being paid by the state after her election ethics problems? What happened to the DEP personnel who arrested Rell's son while Rowland was Governor? I heard they were fired after she came into power I don't know if this is true.She is great at photo ops she should be in Hollywood. But as far as being the CEO of a state not in my mind. Don't forget politicians don't need brains,ethics or morals all they need is to photograph well and be able to read speeches or memorize answers to questions. I don't think she's qualified to be a Walmart greeter.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why does the USA protect Israel not Ireland?

I'm just asking why does the US protect Israel? Why don't we help the Irish Catholics achieve their freedom instead?
Israel has no oil, no natural resources nothing that could benefit the USA. Ireland has good beer.
The US and England forced the UN to throw the Palestinians off their land just after world war 2, since then the US has spent billions in foreign aid to Israel along with probably trillions in our military budget keeping a military presence in the mid east to attempt to keep the peace.
The Irish are living on their own land they just want their own rule. We're suppose to be friends with England so it wouldn't cost us anything in military dollars. We could use diplomacy and Condi Rice might actually accomplish something.
Because of our defense of Israel our twin towers were blown up along with other terrorist acts, and we live now with a homeland security and the loss of American Rights and Freedoms.
If we help the Irish Catholics the pope may even bless us, the Kennedy's will be very happy and as a gift to the US may get out of public office. Up the Irish

Monday, July 21, 2008

Drug Cartels Save US Economy

Drug Cartels Save US Economy
Apparently the fuel prices that have raised the cost of food have hit the drug cartels. Todays papers report some farmers in Bolivia and Colombia have stopped growing coca, instead they are growing rice and corn it pays better.How long do you think the cartels are going to let this go on? They've probably been losing sales since the gas prices started skyrocketing among the recreational users. The addicts are a given but they can't raise the prices because they can only steal so much a day. I also figure people aren't buying much of anything so the prices for stolen goods are probably low. What's a drug cartel to do. They'll have to open negotiations with the speculators and hedge fund operators who have driven the prices so high based on greed to bring the prices down so their drug customers can afford them again. They may even use their lobbyists with the US politicians to change the thrust of the war on drugs to a war on gas greed. I don't think they want into the fuel business to many laws and rules and it's out in the open. I'm sure they are fantastic negotiators putting William Shatner to shame. More along the lines of Bruce Willis dealing with the terrorists in the 'Die Hard' movies.This maybe turn into something to watch or it may be nothing. However when you can make more money selling food then illegal drugs it shows how bad these speculators and oil politicians have hurt this country.

Friday, July 4, 2008

USA Lifestyle No Apology Needed

USA Lifestyle No Apology Needed


I'm tired of hearing people; Americans as well as foreigners knock the American lifestyle. If you're jealous of it, the food, housing, vehicles and all the luxury items that Americans enjoy get over it. If you feel it's wrong that we live so well while others live in squalor and hunger get over it. Life isn't fair it is just life.

It would do you good to remember all the other nations, cultures and continents are thousands of years older than the USA. If they haven't achieved what America has it's their own fault. If you go back to the first settlers in 1620 we haven't even made 400. The lifestyle Americans enjoy wasn't given to them. No magician waved their magic wand and said Americans you have everything you've ever dreamed of for nothing. Absolutely not. Every part of the American lifestyle was earned with the blood sweat and tears of the Americans who tamed a land. Americans who left their bones and blood scattered across this country as they explored and cultivated it. Americans, who had dreams, achieved them. Americans who believed in freedom and opened their country to those who longed for freedom and understood that freedom isn't free you need to work for it cultivate it protect it and they did, making this the greatest nation in the world.

People would do good to remember if it wasn't for the blood and lives of millions of American servicepersons in the first and second world wars these countries complaining probably wouldn't exist today. Another memory is that the number of countries in the world not receiving foreign aid (financial, food, medical on and on) from America probably doesn't total 50. What they do with it is their business but don't complain to me my taxes have been going up and up to help other countries. Our politicians have given away our jobs to "help" other economies thereby hurting ours.

I for one want to continue enjoying the lifestyle my forefathers fought and died for. I'm going to start taking a hard look at American Politicians who give our jobs away to other countries in "Free Trade agreements" where because that countries labor costs are so much lower they do away with the duty and people buy from them and Americans lose jobs. Politicians who cost American lives in military actions that are civil wars and the only reason we are there is to protect multinational corporation interests.

In short it's time for Americans to take back our country. Vote out incumbents with too many ties to multinational corporations and not enough loyalty to the USA.

Our ancestors fought and died to give us this legacy it's our responsibility to pass it on to future generations, and to be an example of what other countries can be if they want it enough to fight for.