Saturday, November 10, 2012

Defend the Constitution

I'm a vet and the biggest threat I see is the ignoring of the Constitution by elected public servants. The Constitution is what we vets swore to defend not a foreign country but THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUITION!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dan Malloy inept Governor

Once again Dannel Malloy (Danny boy) has shown his ineptitude as governor.  Being a governor means being a leader, being the person who exudes a calmness  an overall aurora that a situation will work out well and correctly.  Gov. Christie of NJ is that type of person.  Before during and after Sandy he remained calm, he stated calmly it was dangerous however  if you followed the orders of emergency personnel you would be fine.  After the storm he took the time to calm the children of the state along with their parents by advising parents and adults to tell the children words to the effect of ‘everything will be fine,  this is an adult problem and the adults are taking care of it’.  That is a leader.

Danny Boy on the other hand fed the panic and hysteria by declaring, words to the effect of ‘this could be the greatest loss of life in history, this is the worst storm in history’ definitely not a leader.  Then he couldn’t make up his mind and issued contradictory statements one of which was “the highways will be closed when the sustained winds reach 45mph”  I was checking NOAA for Ansonia and Cheshire also Windsor and at no time did they call for sustained winds over 39mph. Yet within the hour of issuing that statement he closed the highways I don’t think gusts had even reached that speed.  Then he ordered emergency personnel to stay indoors because it was dangerous.  Unless I’m mistaken the basic underlying theme of the job of emergency personnel is that it is a dangerous job in dangerous conditions and they are trained for it and volunteer for it.  A leader would have let those trained for a job do it.

In my opinion we have an inept coward for a Governor.  It is no wonder the state is in the financial situation it is in.  Danny boy does nothing more than talk to cause division in the state and raise taxes.   I just hope that if he does try to run again the people will remember this storm his lack of leadership and how he fed the hysteria and panic and make sure he doesn’t get another term