Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm Tired

I’m tired of hearing about the rights of illegal aliens who have no right to be here.

I’m tired of hearing about the rights of prisoners who are incarcerated because they violated the rights of others.

I’m tired of hearing about the rights of welfare recipients who never contributed to society yet expect society to take care of them.

I’m tired of the rights of politicians to receive retirement from an elected position and better health care and pay then the average taxpayer.

I’m tired of my tax dollars going to other countries when they should take care of themselves.

I’m tired of America playing the world’s policeman and wasting the lives of American youths and tax dollars with no benefit to America.

Now I have questions.

When did I and tens of millions of taxpayers lose the right to keep the money we earn?

When did I and tens of millions of taxpayers lose the right to better ourselves and our families financially and materially?


America was built on the American dream of building a better and more comfortable life for ourselves and our families through hard work, when did that change? Maybe when people who were too lazy to work for themselves started electing politicians who would steal from the working taxpayers under the guise of taxes and give it to themselves and the lazy? I read that one major sign of the death of a great nation/civilization was when people started voting themselves money. I think we’re there.

What incentive do I or any taxpayer have to work harder, more hours, go for a promotion anything that we use to do in the past to better ourselves? None, not when all that will happen is more money will be taken out of our pay to better the lives of those I mentioned earlier. What inventions are being lost, what great strides in life are not happening all because people who are lazy feel they are entitled to the same lifestyle as people who work for what they want and they keep electing politicians who take from the workers and give to the shiftless.

This needs to stop or America is dead.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Save Halloween

In regards to Rep Tim Larson (d) suggestion to enact a law mandating Halloween be celebrated on the last Sat in the month of Oct rather than the 31st of October as has been for centuries I have one question? When was the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution repealed?

This is the amendment that allows freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. I guess what Mr. Larson didn’t know was that Halloween is Samhain (pronounced Soween) and is a Holy day in the Wiccan religion. Wicca is a legally recognized religion in the US so to my understanding it would be protected by the Constitution. His suggestion is the same as suggesting Christmas be held on the 3rd Sunday in Dec.

The other interesting point is that the press also protected in this same amendment did not raise a hue and cry, but rather asked what people thought. I’ll grant they were probably not aware of the religious significance of Samhain/Halloween.

Unless the 1st Amendment is repealed this law can not be, since it is unconstitutional from the beginning.

I would strongly suggest the media pay more attention to the different laws that are proposed since a change in the 1st Amendment could adversely affect them.

Friday, September 16, 2011

RIP American dream

The American Dream has died. It did not die a natural death it was murdered. It was murdered not by a terrorist organization or foreign government, Al Qaeda did not cause its demise. It was murdered by the people whose job was to protect it, the elected public servants in the American Congress. The men and women who swore an oath to protect and defend America and its citizens failed to uphold that oath. They gave away American jobs to foreign countries. They allowed corporations to form "almost" monopolies that drove American mom & pop stores and businesses across the country out of business. They allow oil speculators and monopolistic American and foreign oil companies to destroy the American economy. They waste trillions of American tax dollars in wars in foreign countries that have no benefit to the American taxpayer. They give trillions of tax dollars and medical aid to illegal immigrants. Yet nothing is done to help the Americans who have worked their whole lives and contributed to America and Social Security. There is no raise for Social Security recipients no help with medical, no help with mortgages or rent.

They give themselves raises and the best medical in the world for life as well as a retirement from one term in office. The taxpayers who pay for this need to work for decades to hopefully be able to retire.

It is time to vote them all out of office. When the government ignores the Constitution and the needs and the desires of American citizens the Declaration of Independence guides us in what we need to do.
It is time to resurrect the American Dream, to vote in people who will "provide new Guards for their future security". It is time to end unjust taxation with questionable representation it is 1776 again. It is time to put in term limits, end their retirement and medical, set their pay and medical to that of an average American. We need to elect public servants who will pass laws that will protect America and make her great again.

Monday, July 11, 2011

End Foreign Aid

These questions are mainly directed at Senator Lieberman since he is leading the charge to change Social Security in a way that hurts the American Taxpayers who have contributed to it all their lives. It still is answerable by all our other elected federal officials.

Senator Lieberman you took an oath as did I when I enlisted and part of that oath read "to support and defend the Constitution". The Constitution referred to is the Constitution of the United States of America not that of some foreign government/country.

With that in mind why is it that the American Taxpayer takes it on the chin in every "debt reduction plan"? Why does foreign aid both military and humanitarian not take the hit? Why should we continue to pay and support the lifestyles of other countries at the expense of American Taxpayers? I say that before Social Security or any other benefit to American Taxpayers such as Medicare is cut or detrimentally changed to the American Taxpayers who have funded it all Foreign Aid must be stopped. All benefits to illegal aliens must be stopped their governments should be billed for any services they receive from American taxpayers. All subsidizes to business must be stopped because that is Socialism.

I also see no change in the benefits our ruling elite receive from an elected position. Which leads to another question why should they receive any retirement benefits from an elected position? This should be ended.

Would any member of our elected ruling elite care to address these questions?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Honest Negotitations

While I feel we have too many laws in Connecticut and for that matter the U.S. as whole I would like to suggest one more.

It is one simple law that I feel would bring us close to true transparency in government and actually lower spending.

The law should read "In any contract entered into by the government of the state of CT with a value of more than $1000.00 with any entity from an individual to a multinational corporation including but not limited to LLCs, public unions, binding arbitration, personal employment contracts, subcontractors for any publicly financed job or project, all negotiations, all documents, all agreements, conversations, anything and everything that that was part of the awarding of the contract, the union benefits, the binding arbitration etc. must be completely 100% open to the taxpayers/citizens of CT. No negotiations maybe done behind closed doors. In fact all union negotiations, binding arbitration and personal employment contracts must be televised the same as what is done with the General Assembly."

We the taxpayers of CT are paying the bills yet as shown by the current and most past administrations our wants and desires are ignored by the very people we elected to protect our wants and desires. I believe this law would help bring true representation of the taxpayer's best interests.

In 1776 Americans fought a war against taxation without representation. It is now time to stand up too "Unjust Taxation with Questionable Representation". This law and paying close attention to the voting habits of your elected representative is what is required of the taxpayers. To see whether or not they actually support what is best and right for the taxpaying citizens of CT, if they do re-elect them. If they just let public unions and other special interest groups bankrupt us individually and as a state vote them out and replace them with people who will do what is best and right for the taxpaying citizens of CT, not the special interest groups.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ban Political Correctness

  • Political Correctness is just censorship and the taking away of our First Amendment right of Free Speech. Time to start speaking freely and if people's feelings get hurt so what, they can grow up. What is America now "Land of the Wimps and Home of the Cowards" giving up freedom for questionable safety is cowardice.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The silent media.

I have a question for the media, why the silence on the exorbitant gas prices?

The media rants and raves about Charlie Sheen and the like. The media screams First Amendment when anyone tries to stop them talking about something they want to report on. So why the silence on the gas prices that are destroying America? Why do we just hear "experts say the price may climb to $XXX"? Who are the so called experts? The speculators who are driving the price up out of pure greed? Why isn't the media demanding the government step in? The government sets the prices for electricity and many other things including minimum pricing for cigarettes and liquor. They tell farmers what they can sell their wheat/grain for. Why don't they tie the price of wheat/grain to that of oil?

Why the silent media? The founding fathers put the First Amendment in the Constitution to protect the citizens from the government by insuring the press could report the truth of what is going on. By insuring the press would be the true voice of the people. What I'm seeing is that the press has now become nothing more than the voice of the government and big business. Who are the parent companies of most media outlets? Multinational corporations? Do they have America's best interest at heart? I don't think so. Our government is selling our lives down the river and the media instead of using the First Amendment as the Founding Father hoped they would to defend American citizens is supporting the subjugation of America by their silence.

"When they came for the Jews I said nothing, when they came for the Gypsies I said nothing, when they came for the Christians I said nothing and so when they came for me there was no one left to say anything."

So I ask again why the silent media?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gas prices destroying America

I have some questions starting with why are gas prices so high? Answer is probably pure greed by speculators. Next why doesn't the government step in and regulate this? They regulate electric rates along with many other things so why not oil speculators? Aren't our elected public servants suppose to have taxpaying American's best interests at heart? If so why are they allowing speculators to destroy America? Call write or email you representatives immediately and demand they do something before your kid's future is gone. One more thing why isn't the media screaming? They scream about everything else why are they silent and just accepting this?

If you believe we are being gouged and America is being destroyed by the inaction of our elected officials please pass on this email to everyone on your list. Or if you're reading this on Facebook please repost. Let's save America.

Jim (Bonz) Neilson

Friday, March 25, 2011

They need lives

Wow on the way to work I heard some DJ say something about a group of people whose lifelong ambition was to be a "Reality Show Contestant" OMG If that is the most someone can aspire to and other people think it's a good thing what does that say about this culture?

When I was growing up people wanted to the usual doctor, teacher, baseball player rock star, real occupations I felt there was hope for the world. Reality show contestant!!! Now I'm hoping the world ends quickly and painlessly.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Subsidizing = Socialist



All I've heard from Gov. Malloy is raise taxes. Some murmurs of spending cuts however apparently nothing of substance otherwise there would no talk of tax increases. In addition worse than increases he wants to tax things that were never taxed before.

He wants to bring back tolls. Why? When we purchase a vehicle we pay sales tax, then we pay yearly property taxes, add in another state tax under the guise of vehicle registration, having to pay for a driver license and let's not forget the sales tax state and federal for gas. Why should we now have to pay more to live the American dream?

Here is an idea stop subsidizing bus and rail transport. Why should the taxes of people who drive their own vehicles go up so that people who ride the bus and train don't have to pay the true cost to operate the systems?

I think it's about time the government stops subsidizing programs and not just bus and rail. I'm sure we the taxpayers could come up with a list of subsidized programs that if cut most if not all taxes would not have to be increased and possibly the income tax could be repealed. Having the people who use the service pay for it in full seems to me to be a fair and equitable solution. Having taxpayers who rarely if ever use a system pay for it seems to be what a socialist government would want.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Illegal is Illegal

Very simply put if something is illegal it is illegal so why are our elected servants trying to give our tax dollars away to allow illegal immigrants reduced tuition to go to college?

They are ILLEGAL they are not suppose to be in this country let alone getting benefits from the already broken backs of taxpayers.

Why should an illegal get a break when a taxpayer has to go into debt to put his legal American kids through college? Oh and don't forget his taxes will go up to put the illegal's through college while he goes broke. Great country America I guess unless you're a taxpaying citizen then all you do is get screwed.

Both sets of my grandparents came through Ellis Island legally if you can't be bothered to do that you should be put on the next plane back to your home country, that is due process. You are here illegally you are deported the minute you are picked up it's over and done and we'll charge you home country with the flight and any benefits medical or otherwise you stole from the American Taxpayer and let them deal with you. And make no mistake if you are illegal and you get services reserved for legal taxpaying citizens you are a thief and guilty of theft.

Oh wow if we throw all the illegal's out who is going to vote for Destefano, Malloy, Finch or obama? Maybe we'd get America run by Americans back.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Right to Free Speech

The Supreme Court upheld the First Amendment the right of free speech.  To me that is a good thing.  What I was taught in school is that no matter how abhorrent what you are saying is to me I should fight and defend your right to say it, because if they take that right from you how long until they start telling me what I can and can't say.

I totally disagree with and cannot stomach the evil twisted "Christians and Christian church" that sanctions such hate and evil, yet I'm glad the Supreme Court up held their right so now the public can see them as the sick, evil twisted people they are. 

Maybe now we will get away from censoring books and plays because they use words that today do not fit under the censorship that goes under the guise of political correctness.  And that is all that political correctness is censorship.  Pretty soon under PC 9/11 will just be a figment of Americas twisted mind the same as the Holocaust is just the fantasy of the Jews.  PC is bad because people hide behind it, or it promotes backstabbing because people keep their true feelings hidden and no one knows who is a true friend or not.  Back when I grew up you knew who didn't like certain races or ethnic backgrounds so you knew who was who the real person not someone hiding behind a PC mask.  PC is censorship stopping a play or a movie or banning a book is censorship no matter how abhorrent the content.  Let people read, see and hear everything and make up their own minds, that is the only way racial and ethnic harmony will be achieved if it ever will be, all laws do is force racism underground where it festers until it explodes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You’re gonna die

You're gonna die. Yeah believe it or not whether you eat only whole grain never use sugar and are never exposed to second or even 5th hand smoke you are gonna die the same as the person who eats trans fats, sugar and smokes tobacco . The person eating the "evil" food and smoking may die a little sooner or maybe not. I think they'll enjoy their life more by doing what they enjoy. No one gets out alive no matter what the health and safety Nazis say and seem to think. Let them live(?) their lives the way they want but stay out of mine, I want to live, enjoy and experience life. I read a short story once back in the 60's it was about some guy who was pretty messed up after the war of 1812 and 7 doctors told him he had a year to live, he out lived 6 of them and the 7th was going downhill pretty quick he said. But his moral was too many people are so worried about dying they go thru life with one foot in the grave because they're so scared they never really live so when they die it's no big deal just putting the other foot in. He believed in living life to the fullest then dying and being done with it. Or as a friend of mine says

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, poles in one hand, beer in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "Holy Shit, What a Run!""

So to all you safety and health Nazis out there and that's what you are Nazis you want to impose your will and fear of life on others leave me and those like me alone. Don't eat the evil food that's your right but don't make me live on your diet and fears that's not your right. This use to be the home of the free and the brave thanks to the safety and health Nazis it is now the land of the cowards and wimps.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I have a question for our elected officials.  Connecticut has an income tax, sales taxes, business taxes, gas taxes, professional license fees, drivers license fees, transfer taxes, death taxes, motor vehicle fees, to name a few of the revenue sources that feed the insatiable financial appetite of the government.  Yet it is not sated, so it has a gambling operation called the Lotto and all its games but still not enough money, so for desert the insatiable beast collects money from the casinos.  Can you imagine how high our taxes would be without these sources?  You would think a fiscally responsible government having the Lotto and the casino income would eliminate either the income or sales tax.

With all this revenue how can any elected public servant ask the overburdened taxpayers of CT for another penny in taxes?

Due to increases in day to day living I have had to trim my home budget.  Why should the government not have to do the same?  Elected public servants are in positions of trust to do the best they can for the taxpaying citizens of the state.  So how can they justify any increase in government taxes or spending? Yet all I hear is we have to raise this or that tax. How about NO INCREASES!  Cut expenditures, just as every taxpayer has had to.  Why should we the citizens always have to give up our part of the American Dream to satisfy the insatiable hunger of a government that was put in place to serve and protect us?

Any politician care to answer this?