Thursday, November 20, 2008

Freeze all taxes

Time to freeze all taxes local, state and federal. It's about time the government learned what it is like to live on a budget without out being able to rob people. How many of you out there when your costs or bills go up can go to your employer and demand more pay? So why should the government continue to be allowed to lower our standard of living by raising taxes? It's time they learn to live within their means as the rest of us are forced to do. I don't want to hear the usual spiel "Oh if we cut taxes it means less police and fire protection" that's garbage it's just away to scare people. Plenty of other places to cut unnecessary expenses if you think about it don't fall for scare tactics. It's time taxpaying Americans take back their wallets. Politicians were elected to make our lives better not to rob us and ruin us financially. Make them totally justify every expenditure. One last comment we should spend some money and take a survey of the pay and benefits of all companies in the state with 150 or more employees. Whatever that averages out to, number of hours worked per year, sick time, vacation time, how much medical insurance is paid and so on, should be the limit of what government employees can make including the unions. It's time to level the playing field.

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