Monday, September 10, 2012

Bring back the American Dream

It is time that the American Dream is re-established, that American Citizens and companies are not insulted and taxed out of existence because they dare to make a profit. The American people need to remember that the government is here to serve the American Citizen; the American Citizen is not here to serve the government contrary to what the politicians want us to believe

It is time the government stops taking money out of the pockets of the American Citizen under the guise of taxes to better the living conditions of citizens of foreign countries. It is time the American government stops taking jobs and money away from American Citizens by giving foreign countries/companies breaks on duties and tariffs on imports into the US. The duties and tariffs and red tape should match what that country charges American companies to import into their country. It is time the government stops with punitive taxes and untenable laws based on emotion and run by government agencies that act as feudal lords on American business that prevent them from making a profit in America.

We need to rid the government of the professional politicians those people who have done nothing but live off the tax dollars/backs of hardworking American Taxpayers and put in their place business people who understand profit and loss. Who understand that budgets must be made and adhered to. Who understand that it is the government’s job to cut costs and not just increase taxes on already over taxed citizens who have to make cuts in their own budgets. It doesn’t matter if they are democrat or republican if they are not for the working American Taxpayer and American Businesses they need to go. In short we need to have a house cleaning in Washington. Again it doesn’t matter if they are democrats or republicans if they put any other country above America they need to go.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I don’t understand how we can continue to throw tax dollars down the proverbial toilet of what passes for education in these times. 

Educate-to develop the faculties and powers of (a person) by teaching, instruction, or schooling.

However we no longer educate our youth or anyone, all we do is instruct them how to memorize so they can pass standardized tests.  No thought process involved or questioning allowed.